Three reasons recruiters need an adaptive approach to sales

While the art of selling goes back throughout history, the way sales teams work is continually evolving and changing. The past few years have seen a significant shift in client expectations around how they’re sold to—and we’ve seen recruitment businesses strive to keep up.

No surprise, then, that the people who spend their time selling feel overwhelmed. According to data from Salesforce, 66% of sales reps say they’re drowning in tools. A report from Lead Forensics suggests that the average B2B salesperson spends half their day doing tasks that could be automated. We’re all striving to win business in an increasingly competitive space—but rarely making the targeted changes we need to succeed.

The answer? A more agile, adaptive approach to sales—one where you flex around what the market is telling you, what today’s clients expect, and where the biggest opportunities can be found. Here are three big reasons to make your sales methodology more adaptive—and how to get started.

#1 Adapt to the channels that are available to you

For decades, phone conversations where the heart of any sales process. Recruiters would spend their time on calls, trying to scope out where new business could be won or deeper client relationships could be grown. But while these time-consuming conversations can still be a powerful tool, they’re just one part of what’s possible in 2024.

Today, recruiters can sell on a variety of channels—from calls to social media and email. Increasingly, an effective sales strategy means considering every channel and choosing the right one for the moment. In the 2023 Sprout Social Index, people said their social media usage had increased over the last two years. The people inside a client business are using social media regularly—but does that make it the right place to seal the deal and get a contract signed?

What works is considering the overall sales cycle and the changing way that sales unfold. What might have been a series of phone conversations a decade ago is now a multi-channel journey, starting with thought leadership on social media and maybe ending with a call to agree some final details. Effective recruiters spend time understanding the big picture of client sales—and tailor their processes accordingly.

#2 Adapt to the preferences of your clients
An adaptive approach to sales also helps recruiters find the right fit for individual clients. There’s a significant difference in how different age groups, industries and demographics use communications channels—your job is to pick the right ones for your prospects.

The Data & Marketing Association highlights different opportunities and challenges across generations. While baby boomers prefer email and mail, Gen Z are drawn to social media and video. Generally, it’s important for recruiters to build their capabilities around every possible touchpoint—from building a personal brand on social media to writing impactful, persuasive emails or holding Zoom meetings. That way, you’re prepared for wherever your prospects and clients want to do business.

#3 Adapt your sales skills and stay up-to-date
Of course, the big advantage of increasing your sales skills and becoming more adaptable is that you’ll be prepared for whatever’s next. While sales has changed more in the past few years than in the previous decade, this is just the beginning. As AI and automation continue to gather pace, successful recruiters will be able to respond to new trends and opportunities.

With Juice, recruiters can build their fundamental skills in sales—the negotiation and persuasion that will remain evergreen, however clients want to interact and be sold to. At the same time, we’re constantly growing our portfolio and adding courses to keep recruiters up to date with the sales landscape.

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