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How to cater to all learning styles

Even as children, we all respond to different methods of teaching. We learn in our own ways and what’s most effective for one learner won’t necessarily fit another. Back in 1992, the variety between learning styles was formalised in the so-called VARK model: Visual, Auditory, Reading (and Writing) and Kinaesthetic. Most managers already understand the […]

The three most common mistakes in online learning

At Recruitment Juice, we’ve seen what recruiter training looks like on the frontlines. We’ve been instrumental in helping thousands of people around the world learn, develop, grow and achieve in their careers. But for every one of our successes, we’ve seen how online learning can go wrong. We’ve seen what makes a new initiative fail […]

How Humour Makes Learning Stick

“I used to work at the bank, but I lost interest.” If we agree that, at least in theory, this is a joke, you can see it works using the element of surprise. The first half of the sentence sends your mind in one direction. The second half surprises you with something unexpected. That’s what […]