How to Use Gamification in Recruitment

How to Use Gamification in Recruitment

For the results of the business and the job satisfaction of your people, ongoing training and development is absolutely essential. People need training to perform, thrive and succeed. But that doesn’t mean people will see the value of training for themselves – or look forward to the prospect of yet another course.

At Juice, we’re realists about training. We know recruiters would rather be closing sales and earning their commission, not wrestling with topics like goal setting, headhunting or recruitment strategy. That’s why we use gamification to add a spirit of progression and healthy competition to our platform.

It’s a way to drive engagement, improve retention and motivate recruiters to learn. And it’s also a valuable tool that recruiters can use in their work.

Gamification and Recruitment Juice

Our brains are 68% more active when we’re doing something enjoyable, and we’re able to absorb 84% more information. On our platform, we use gamification to make learning more enjoyable across three key areas.

1. Level up your learning

With our level pathways, recruiters can follow a specific training course around a given area of recruitment. On completion, they’ll ‘level up’ to the next stage of their training, unlocking new courses and content.

2. Share achievements with badges

Unlocking badges is a reward double-whammy. Recruiters don’t just get the warm fuzzy feeling of earning a new badge but, with display on profiles, a way to show their achievements off to colleagues.

Our platform includes badges for:

  • Completing courses
  • Commenting
  • Downloading resources
  • Completing quizzes
  • Special praise, as assigned and personalised by managers

In fact, our badges are so popular that we regularly receive requests to add new ones for our achievement-hungry recruiters.

3. Compete on more than sales

Healthy competition keeps people motivated, engaged and striving to be their best. With our points system and leaderboard, people can compete on more than just sales and deals closed – they can compete on their willingness to learn, grow and broaden their knowledge.

Gamification in Recruitment

We’ve seen how gamification increases engagement on the Recruitment Juice platform. Equally, it can be a valuable tool in recruitment itself.

One well-known example is Multipoly from PWC, an online workplace simulation that led to 190% growth in job candidates. But gamification isn’t just the preserve of major corporations. Quick and easy ideas for gamification include:

  • Testing soft skills with games and scenarios, not self-reporting
  • Using progress bars to help candidates know how their application is going
  • Create cost-effective rewards with points, badges and achievements

“We’re dealing with training and, on the surface, some of our topics are as dry as it gets,” said Matt Trott, our Managing Director. “For us, gamification has made a huge difference in getting people engaged. I’m not surprised we’re seeing more recruiters use gamification themselves to get the best talent interested and make the selection process more enjoyable.”

See how gamification can make learning fun. Click here to find out more.

Recruitment Juice

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