At Recruitment Juice, we’ve always put people at the centre of everything we do. This is why we launched the Juice Reward Centre – a place where your completed courses become ‘coins’ that go towards real-life rewards. Teaming up with a charity called United World Schools on a project called Teach the Unreached, every 200 coins becomes a day of school for a child in Cambodia.

Turning Your Training into Social Good

How Our Rewards Centre Works

In countries like Cambodia, education is a privilege that few in the remote areas have access to. Meanwhile, most of us take the availability of education for granted.

When you’re busy juggling clients or managing accounts, it’s easy to forget that you’re just a few clicks away from the training and development you need to improve your performance or unlock new opportunities.

Our Rewards Centre is a way to incentivise your training while supporting education where it is simply unavailable.

It works in three simple steps:

  1. Complete courses and earn coins
  2. When you reach 200 coins, visit the My Rewards section to redeem your reward
  3. When you do, we’ll exchange your coins for a day’s schooling for a child in Cambodia

You could earn a day of school in just two hours – and create an impact that lasts for generations.

The Impact of Our Rewards Centre

We’ve been working with UWS since 2019 and we’ve already paid for over 14,000 days of schooling in Cambodia (or 2,800 weeks or 72 years!)– but it’s more than teaching skills. In remote areas, many Cambodian children spend their time working on the plantations, collecting resources like water, and isolated from children and adults outside their families or ethnic groups. Generations remain illiterate, creating a cycle of poverty that’s impossible to break.

The work of United World Schools doesn’t just give children the basic education they deserve. By transforming futures of individuals, it transforms the future of families and entire communities.


Making Social Good Part of Our Everyday

Almost every business will tell you they’re enthusiastic about giving back, but most of us find ourselves participating in one-off campaigns.

Since joining with Teach the Unreached, we’ve raising over £11,000 so far. We couldn’t be happier with the results – but we wanted to go further to make social responsibility an integrated part of how we work.

What makes our Reward Centre special is that supporting important causes becomes an integral part of our platform. It’s not a brief moment in time, but a way to link every hour of training to positive social change.