Already have a learning platform, but need content?

We have just launched a brand new way for any organisation to reap the benefits from our Award winning online learning library.  You can now lease all or part of our library and house it on your platform, LMS, LXP.  We supply you with despatch files that pull down our SCORM compliant courses directly to your platform.  This means whenever we update or add to the content, you have no changes to make or admin, it simply happens without you even knowing.

  • Quick and easy way to increase learning engagement
  • Professional content takes months to produce and costs hundreds of thousands
  • We have spent over £1 MILLION on developing the Juice library
  • All content is developed exclusively for the recruitment sector
Example Course

Time and time again we see companies spend copious amounts of time and cash on implementing Online Learning platforms, only to realise that without the content it is redundant.  Now you can get access to a library that has been meticulously developed over 14 years to become the worlds most advanced and up to date library of courses for the recruitment sector.

The content includes:

  • Videos, Downloads, Animations, Interactive challenges, Quizzes, reflective exercises, free text questions, Titles, descriptions, images, thumbnails, Learning outcomes
  • Wrapped in 400+ SCORM Episodes
  • Episodes categorised into 85 Courses
  • Courses grouped into 10 Learning Paths

Our courses are all underpinned by the following :


Courses from 40+ recruitment industry experts.  Ofsted regulated + multi-award winning


Professionally produced, contemporary & engaging online learning


New courses every month.  2,000 videos, 400 episodes, 85 courses


Interactive immersive challenges, professional presenters, animations, interactive exercises

Our ground-breaking courses are the most comprehensive and up-to-date programmes in the world, that will maximise your team’s motivation, performance and development.

You can choose from over 85 courses to suit your needs, each offering a fun and innovative training path that combines innovative, bite-sized videos, along with interactive learning quizzes, automated pathways, advice from industry experts and downloadable documents.

97% of our learners said the content is relevant to their role

Enrol on longer courses and structured programmes that consistently support your ongoing success and improved performance or enrol on shorter courses to enhance skill and knowledge, improve your chance of meeting monthly performance objectives and prepare for specific challenges ahead.

84% of our learners rated the content either Excellent or Good

Key Features:

Industry leading, up-to-date topical content

Innovative, bite-sized videos to fit into your busy schedule

World leading gamified learning technology

Thought-provoking quizzes, exercises and downloads to put learning into practice

40+ industry experts

New Content:

We provide new up-to-date content monthly,  some examples of the latest courses to be added are:

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