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Why Juice Online Works


Fresh & New

Bite Size Learning

Save Managers Time

Appropriate For All Levels

Content: Volume & Variety; Credibility & Quality

No Time Away From Desk

Increased Revenue, Performance & Motivation

Consistent Message = Consistent Standards & Service Levels

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How Juice Works

We have combined, balanced and carefully mixed three elements to make Juice the only serious way to improve the performance of your recruitment team:

Award-winning Content

Choose from over 85 courses to suit your needs, each offering a fun and innovative training path that combines advice from over 45 industry experts, comedy drama scenarios, tests, quizzes & downloadable documents.

Leading Technology


Juice thrives on being different and has a brand new innovative, fresh, easy to use learning platform! We have developed the world’s leading gamified learning technology for recruiters – described as a mix of Facebook, PlayStation and Netflix in an online learning environment.

Tailored Service


Your Juice subscription includes a comprehensive and structured customer excellence process. We’ve done this 1000’s of time and know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Implementation consultation to maximise the effectiveness of Juice ensuring maximum ROI
  • Dedicated customer excellence manager to look after you throughout the process
  • Multifaceted approach to ensure maximum engagement and usage
  • Quarterly account reviews to analyse progress and refine your Juice learning strategy

Over 10 staff?

What our clients say

We have really valued putting our existing employees through the Recruitment Juice apprenticeship schemes. They are thoughtful, committed and effective practitioners who have enabled several of our employees to get qualified in Team Leader and Recruitment Consultant apprenticeships.

Recruitment Juice has been our e-learning partner for the last two years and has been instrumental in supporting the development of our growing workforce. Their online training platform contains a wide array of courses with relevant, up to date content suited to recruitment professionals at all levels and our consultants find that the mixture of videos, presentations, quizzes and tests by leading industry experts really help to ensure they learn the material.

The flexible, engaging approach means that regular learning has become a positive habit. With structured learning pathways and performance management tools, developing staff has become significantly more time efficient for managers and is now prioritised consistently.


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