Objections to online learning: for leaders

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing an honest, uncompromising look at objections to online learning. We’ve looked at misconceptions from recruitment businesses and individual recruiters, touching on topics like cost and boredom. But the leaders inside your business—the ones responsible for guiding recruiters to success—face their own unique challenges.

Every day, they have the potential to enable and empower your recruiters. However, this depends on not only strong management skills, but also access to accurate, up-to-date information on learning and development.

Finishing our series, let’s look at the three most common objections to online learning from leaders—and how a modern, smart approach can help.

    1. Online learning is too hard to customise

    When it comes to learning and development, personalisation is everything. Every step along a learning journey needs to be adapted to suit a recruiter’s current skills, known gaps, and career ambitions. Many leaders would expect that, in a face-to-face session, personalisation would be easier.

    Of course, the major challenge of in-person training is that multiple people need to be trained at once. That’s the only way it makes economic sense to bring in a specialist. In this context, face-to-face training has to be one-size-fits-all (or most)—customised to the group, but rarely to the specific needs of any individual.

    Online learning in a flexible platform allows for much deeper personalisation. Recruiters can follow curated pathways for their role or progression opportunities. Leaders can also prompt learners to compete specific courses based on known areas for improvement.

    1. The admin is too hard

    One of the biggest advantages to leaders of traditional training is that it’s largely outsourced. It’s easy to hand your team over to a trainer and let them do the rest. The problem is that this approach actively makes it harder for leaders to understand how their recruiters are doing—and plan next steps to help them grow.

    For years, online learning was best known for its impossible to use platforms and confusing interfaces. But, like the rest of the internet, online learning has evolved—and Juice is at the forefront of that evolution.

    In the Juice platform, leaders get powerful, accessible tools for managing their teams. Crucially, the entire platform is built around ease of use and simplicity. It’s not just masses of training data, but smart, customisable dashboards that remove the clutter and illuminate what you need to know. So you can always see how recruiters are doing and what they need to do next.

    1. It’s impossible to know what’s working

    Measuring the effectiveness of any training is notoriously difficult, but online learning makes it easier by bringing all the relevant data together in one place.

    One useful strategy for measuring effectiveness is a Training Needs Analysis. This is a methodology to identify goals and objectives for your training and define specific metrics you’ll track.

    Once you’ve identified these metrics, you can assess the actual impact on learning and development—not just on individual recruiters, but on your performance and bottom line.

    See how Juice delivers effective recruiter training that boosts performance

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