4 benefits of niche recruitment services

4 benefits of niche recruitment services

Recruitment is a dynamic and changing sector that must adapt to keep up with the ever-changing working culture. Over recent years, with the boom in online recruitment and the power this has given the candidate, the industry has had to become smarter and prove its worth over automated job boards and social media platforms. With this, we’ve seen a rise in niche recruitment services.

So what are the benefits of being a niche provider, and how can the extra cost be justified to clients?

A focused talent pool

Niche recruiters can access a concentrated pool of candidates, resulting in better efficiency during the hiring process and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with the best talent in the industry. Unlike your broad stroke competitors, you can tap into niche industry events, corporate sponsorships and user groups that you know your gold candidate is attending.

There is also a better chance of talent coming to you, simply because it makes sense to the candidate. After all, you’re the expert. The niche recruitment model is also able to draw in the elusive passive candidate, providing you know your stuff. Speaking of which…

A clear message

Working with a specific industry gives you the opportunity to deliver your message to a highly targeted audience. What that means for your consultants is that they can really invest in the industry, making sure they have an adept grasp of professional terminology and trends. It makes all the difference on that first call to a candidate or client.

Your marketing team is going to benefit too. You’ll find that buyer personas are so much easier to flesh out, you face much less competition in search engines, and you already know what organic channels are going to work for you. Everyone’s a winner.


Working with a niche segment gives you the benefit of being able to collect all sorts of useful information on your industry and get a better perspective on the roles you’re recruiting for. It’s quite simple – if you know more, you can do more. Understanding where your target audience is spending time (be that online, print, or at events) means you can target advertising more effectively. Understanding the goings on in your niche means you can keep up with market trends and adapt when necessary.

A prime example of this is the annual salary survey from Salesforce recruiters Mason Frank. The report, released in September, provides an in-depth view of Salesforce professionals’ salaries and their working culture. The survey’s designed to generate leads in the IT industry, but also provides valuable industry insights for current and past clients/candidates. If you have an opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader, take it – it’ll help you.

Invaluable contacts

Niche recruitment is likely to incur a higher cost for the end-user due to the tailored service you can provide. Despite this, the client knows they are paying for a bespoke service where they will fill their skills gap more effectively, and ultimately, save time. A client can be assured they will be provided with a shortlist of candidates that meets their needs, rather than having to sift through endless CVs.

Operating within a specific market opens up opportunities to network within a specific industry outside of recruitment, giving further opportunity to gain contacts. For instance, an accounting recruiter can attend events for accountants and gain genuine insights into the industry whilst filling their black book.

Key lessons

  • If you’re going niche, know the market inside out and spread the importance of knowledge across your organisation
  • Connect with your industry through networking and events to gain contacts for prospects and clients
  • Make sure your marketing messages are on point – be clear about why niche recruitment is better and more effective for both job hunters and businesses

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Maria Baranowska

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