Top recruitment tech trends to watch in 2020

Top recruitment tech trends to watch in 2020 and their benefits 

With technology advancements constantly adapting and changing, we are now seeing it in every aspect of our lives; at work, at home, and in public places, but where does it fit in in the recruitment industry?

Recruitment is a challenging industry to work in; admin work to complete, hundreds of CVs to look through, background checks to complete, it’s no wonder that technology is being used within recruitment and making a considerable impact on both large and small companies as well as agencies.

So which technology trends will we be seeing in 2020 and what are their benefits?


  • The use of Artificial Intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence is slowly but surely creeping into the recruitment industry. According to a survey conducted by Advanced, 33% of HR professionals are seeing the use of Artificial Intelligence within their daily working life.


Recruitment tasks can occasionally be repetitive as well as time-consuming, however, AI will eliminate manual tasks such as CV screening, by completing them for you. Additionally, specific recruitment/HR software will help manage and speed up the CV screening procedure by automatically matching a candidate’s  CVwith the required skills of the job.


There are a number of other AI technologies that will help reduce workload and improve the applicant’s experience; such as chatbots -a chatbot is a robotic software that mimics human speaking abilities. Chatbots can help within the recruitment process by collecting candidates contact information, answering FAQs and also schedule an interview with a human recruiter.

  • Specialised HR Software

HR software can substantially help recruiters when it comes to applicant management. HR software is a vital tool for organisation in the workplace; helping from the very beginning of a project, HR software allows facilitates; the storage of all candidate records in one place,  offering candidates jobs directly through the software, tracking the status of an applicant, and also allows you to store CVs and information for when appropriate future roles arise in the future.


  • Having access to an increased amount of data

The use of data isn’t a new concept when it comes to hiring. However, the continuous advancements in technology and the increase in people’s public digital lives are allowing companies and recruiters to generate masses of data about the candidate and to rapidly analyse it all.


For example, often it’s quite easy to find out how long a potential candidate has been in their current and previous role, whether they’ve been promoted during their time there and to find out about their endorsements through platforms such as LinkedIn. If used correctly and to full potential, data usage can be extremely beneficial for recruiters. Having access to more data allows recruiters to make more informed and intelligent decisions when it comes to hiring.


Nevertheless, when using data, do note that you will need a system in place to ensure an applicant’s data is protected. 


  • Using video for interviews

Video interviewing may not be for all recruiters or for certain job roles, however, in a number of circumstances, the use of video technology can be extremely beneficial for the recruitment industry. The top benefits for using video technology is that no matter the location of the interviewee, you will be able to successfully interview them, it will erase the risk of delays and it will save both you and the candidate time, all whilst enabling you to evaluate whether they’re suitable for the job role.


There are a number of video technologies available such as Skype or Zoom Room, both of which can be accessed via tablet, smartphone or computer. Being accessible on a range of tech is an added bonus as some people may not own a home computer.


The above trends showcase that, with the advancements of specialised software and the use of technologies, companies are able to connect with and find top talent in new ways. You may not have introduced all the technologies into your workplace just yet, but the use of tech is rising and it will we will likely see even more use of it in the recruitment industry in the coming years.



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