National Apprenticeship Week Competition Winner

Last week, was National Apprenticeship Week in the UK and we wanted to celebrate this with all of our amazing levy-funded development programme learners. We therefore gave them the opportunity to win a great prize in our competition. We asked them to write in 200 words or less, how Recruitment Juice was helping them in their careers!

We had some amazing entries and it was a very tough decision to pick a winner! All of the Recruitment Juice staff voted for their favourite and we’re pleased to announce our winner is:

Liam Smith from Millbank

Here is his entry:

Let the knowledge pour

Recruitment Juice goes above and beyond the realms of normal training courses. On call support and guidance, coupled with engaging content makes for the perfect mix. I enrolled on the course to enhance my understanding and develop myself into a consultant and within 4 months of the course, I’m applying this newfound knowledge in everyday situations and the results speak for themselves. Having the ability to complete the coursework on the job or at home allows me to prioritise my day and complete work in my own time, around the clock. Since joining recruitment juice, I’ve been given an insight into how my job role effects the economy on a larger scale and the impact I can have if I continue to progress on my career journey. The skills I’m learning, are pushing me past the boundaries of a resourcer and into the frame for promotion and I can only thank the team at recruitment Juice for giving me the confidence to adapt my style and find the method of recruitment that suits me, through webinars and tailored work packages, I’ve been able to focus on the key elements of recruitment that interest me and make me a better recruiter.

Thanks for your entry Liam and enjoy your prize!

Keep your eyes peeled for further competitions!

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