Best Strategies for Recruiting Agencies to Approach New Clients in 2023

Over the last couple of years, the developed economies experienced a massive labor shortage that threw traditional recruitment strategies completely off the rails. Now when we are approaching the year 2023, this burning issue that started showing its face during the outbreak of COVID-19 is still at large.

What does this state of prolonged crisis mean for the recruitment agencies aiming for new clients with the arrival of the New Year?

Well, this type of service will be in very high demand. On the other, this will make the entire sector very competitive so the businesses that want to stay afloat will definitely have to take a more proactive approach to their client outreach strategies.

Let us then take a look at a couple of tips that should help them along the way.

Use the job portals to discover new opportunities

The hiring process usually goes through traditional HR channels. However, a vast number of companies still prefer to explore new hiring opportunities through job forums, employment portals, and other, less formal outlets. Keeping a close eye on such forums is an excellent way to see who is looking for new job candidates, what industries are currently in demand, what skills should new candidates poses, and so on. All these insights should help you get a far better insight into the ongoing recruitment trends and prospective new clients. As a result, you will be able to craft more effective client outreach strategies.

Leverage the power of social media

Social media websites present an incredibly powerful platform where people are able to get in touch, network, exchange opinions, and keep up with the topics they consider relevant. All these things mean that you should do everything in your power to establish a strong social media presence, build a strong following and entice users that should one day, hopefully, become your clients. While you’re at it, be sure to move past the obligatory LinkedIn profile and take a shot at other major names like Facebook and Instagram as well. The more ground you manage to cover, the more clients you will be able to get.

Ask for referrals in prospective industries

We are, of course, talking about the B2B service vendors that, due to the nature of their business, regularly get in touch with clients that may, for the time being, be off your radar. For instance, the trade finance companies that offer loans to businesses experiencing obstacles in international trade present a wealth of opportunities for getting in touch with new clients that may require your recruitment services. With that in mind, offering such entities some form of discount in return for referrals with their built-in client circles. Don’t hesitate to be proactive and make this type of agreement a formal part of your service.

Engage in content marketing

This one is pretty obvious and based on cold numbers – according to a recent survey, 67% of marketers claimed that content marketers helped them generate more leads. However, what’s even more critical is that the same sources claim that 72% of marketers stated content marketing helped them educate their audience about their services and native industry. Here lies the biggest benefit of engaging in this type of marketing – you get an opportunity to transform your brand from the company where people come looking for specific services to the source of knowledge that appeals to a far wider audience.

Run email marketing campaigns

People have written off emails as an obsolete and clunky way of communication far too many times to even start counting. Be that as it may, emails have demonstrated tremendous staying power and to this day remain the main pillar of professional corporate correspondence. So, it shouldn’t really come off as a surprise they still produce great results in terms of formal corporate outreach and are still being used by 87% of active marketers. Therefore, start building your mailing lists, find a way to personalize email subject line and content, create engaging follow-ups and start leveraging this very lucrative channel.

Network, network, network

The business world is built on strong professional relationships. In the case of industries that are as personal as human resources and recruitment, this prerequisite can be easily treated as an absolute requirement. That is why it is in your best interest to create a rock-solid professional network that will be able to support your operations, create the safety net around your company and build an outlet for reaching out to new clients in a more personal and individualized manner. With that in mind, any form of action ranging from personal contacts to attending industry events can only work to your advantage.

Build a strong candidate pool

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that the product or service portfolio is probably the strongest marketing asset you have at your disposal. So, before start building specific strategies for reaching out to new clients, make sure to have a strong candidate pool you will be able to market. Your efforts will be much more effective if you conduct very thorough market research and take into consideration all the previous steps we have mentioned so far. These insights will help you to focus your strategies on candidates and marketing niches that will most likely attract the clients you are currently aiming for.

We hope these few suggestions will help your recruitment agency devise effective strategies that will help it get in touch with new clients and, eventually, expand your customer pool. These days it is not that big of a secret that the available labor is very scarce so the recruitment sector should experience a very welcome growth. But, such trends always come hand in hand with stronger competition so you should make your agency capable of dealing with such obstacles in a proactive and effective manner. These tips should definitely nudge you in the right direction.



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