Important Tips to Attract, Keep, and Motivate Your Employees

In order for your business operations to improve, you are going to need more than a favorable market situation and a bunch of fancy gizmos. The real driving engine behind every success story are the people who put in their heart and soul in the progress of the company they work for. Regardless of how high the unemployment rate is, it is never easy for employers to find good workers who are willing to help the company develop and stay loyal to it for a number of years. That is why business owners have to actively seek qualified workers and once they lure them onto the team, they should do their best to keep (and keep motivated) their top-notch employees.

A (non) monetary incentive

Few people will turn down a financial incentive when offered by their employer but as Jessie J’s 2011 hit song goes, it’s not (all) about the money. Workers like to see six figures on their bank account but that is not what counts as professional success. They will feel truly happy inside the office if they feel the work and hours they put in are appreciated, even if that means just saying “good job” to them from time to time.

Also, there should exist a clear reward system that will promote diligence, productivity, and creativity. Lashing out money and extra leave days will be futile if the worker doesn’t feel that they have earned them fair and square. This will promote a feeling of satisfaction that will result in better results for your company. Another neat incentive is to organize in-house competitions in which the winner will receive a symbolic reward, like taking the general manager’s car for a spin.

Career development opportunities

The biggest flaw of a reward system is that it’s rarely a long-term solution for boosting motivation. Money incentives are especially short-lived measures, as workers wish to have the ability to advance both professionally and personally at their post. Your company needs to have a well-established career development program that will allow the workers to upgrade their skill, from writing a CV and creating a LinkedIn profile, all the way to mastering advanced work-related techniques and skills.

Build a reputation of a company that allows and facilitates people to learn and acquire new skills and soon enough, experts will be lining up in front of your firm wishing to apply for a job. Basically, an employee should have the opportunity to advance in his or her profession and such progress needs to be tangible to them so they are constantly aware that they are getting better by the day.

The mind and the body

The number of people who are eco-aware is on the constant rise and this does not come as a surprise when we consider the dire state our planet is in. Needless to say, prospective and current employees will appreciate any effort on your behalf as the employees to create a green working environment. Being conscious about energy consumption and recycling are just some of the aspects of going green.

Remember the incentives we spoke of earlier? Well, they too can be eco-friendly and original at the same time. In fact, there are companies like Rockay which make running products that don’t harm the environment. On the plus side, these products are ideal for fitness and running so they will actively promote a healthy lifestyle. Conscientiousness and practicality are the two main prerequisites a gift you present your employees with should have.

The importance of ownership

The etymology of the term “robot” teaches us that robots are only good for one thing: work. Human employees are much more than automated manufacturers so you need to give them a sense of purposefulness. The last thing you need is their physical presence every morning but total absentmindedness. No goal will be met in such work circumstances.

Each individual worker regardless of his or her place in the company’s hierarchy should have some sort of ownership of the work they do. In some cases, they will be responsible for the launch of an entirely new line of products and in other instances they will be held accountable for the laptop they use or some other trivial matter. Ownership is important because it confers a sense of purposefulness that lies at the very heart of every successful enterprise.

Constant evaluation

It might be the nicest thing to say but pride is perhaps more important than money for many workers. People want to be objectively and unbiasedly as possible told how they are worth and this is something you shouldn’t run away from. Organize periodical evaluations and assessment of everyone’s contribution to the company with mandatory guidelines for the future. This way, employees will know where they are and what is realistically expected of them in the coming period. Although it appears as a  lot of pressure, internal evaluation is actually a great motivator for workers, as they compete for more favorable job posts.

The secret to attracting, keeping, and additionally motivating your employees, lies in the fact they are before all human beings with their emotional and professional ups and downs. If you learn to regard them as such, then it won’t be hard to tap into their desires and provide them with the right incentive to progress, some of which we have listed above. Finally, remember that money might make the world go around but a personally tailored gift can mean much more to the expert you want to keep in your company.

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Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis is a father, writer, and a marketing expert. His favourite quote: There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. You can find him on Twitter.

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