Social distancing is likely to continue for many months, so keep your team…

  • Connected
  • Engaged and
  • Learning with the help of Recruitment Juice

If you are a recruiter, manager or a recruitment business owner, then we are here to support you during this challenging time.

WORKING FROM HOME & FURLOUGHED WORKERS – Our Award Winning Online Learning platform is the perfect way to engage, train & upskill your staff whilst working from home:

  • Packages available for individual recruiters or your entire workforce
  • Hundreds of online courses available covering every aspect a recruiter & manager needs
  • We have a brand new intensive post-COVID Business Development Course to help YOUR business bounce back. Get all the inspiration, strategy, skills and mindset you need to survive and thrive from 7 well know thought leaders in our sector.
  • We have specific courses relating to the issues recruitment companies are facing due to the Coronavirus
  • Award winning gamified online learning platform
  • Interact & compete with your peers whilst you learn with our social learning functionality and leaderboards
  • Complete learning pathways available for all job roles in recruitment from Rookie to Manager
  • Comprehensive Management Reporting to enable you to track and monitor the activity of your recruiters
  • All of which we can set up for you immediately from the safety of your home
  • Flexible payment terms available for individual recruiters, managers and recruitment business owners
  • Prepare NOW for the upturn


Did you know the Government will pay Recruitment companies up to £3,000 for each new person they employ provided they go onto a Development Programme?

The Government Incentive means that any recruitment companies who employ new people and put them straight on a Government Accredited development programme (such as the Recruitment Juice development programmes) will receive the following incentive from the Government……

  • Employ 16-18 year old = Receive £3000 for each one
  • Employ 19-24 year old = Receive £2000 for each one
  • Employ 25+ year old = Receive £1500 for each one

The Government incentive is valid for all new hires who start a development programme before the 31st January 2021.


  • We have now added 6 Coronavirus Specific Courses for you, with a core focus being on Business Development during this period. We appreciate that the lockdown and on-going social distancing regulations have posed some significant challenges to the recruitment industry. These courses will help motivate and engage your team, whether they’re working from home or the office:
    • Business Development Bounce Back Programme
    • Coronavirus: Leadership Essentials
    • Coronavirus: Client Relationship Essentials
    • Coronavirus: Candidate Care Essentials
    • Business Development Blast
    • Obliterating Objections
  • All of these courses are included with any Juice package.

For further details on packages and support available at this time, please get in touch:


The Juice team have a range of specialist experience in Recruitment, Training, Online Learning, Sales, Customer Service and Apprenticeships. Our Apprenticeship delivery team include trainers that have been rated Outstanding in OFSTED audits and all are highly motivated and passionate about delivering outstanding recruitment training programmes.

We are a multi-award winning company with accreditation from Ofsted, APSCo, REC and the Education and Skills Funding Agency. We’re also a Government Approved Training Provider.