Complaints Policy

General policy statement

Juice Talent Development Limited will ensure that any and all complaints made about the service it provides will be fully and appropriately investigated in order to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. Juice aims at providing an outstanding service to all apprentices, employers and other stakeholders. Shortfalls in service are taken very seriously and the lessons learned from them implemented swiftly.

Juice welcomes complaints of any nature and encourages all parties to deal with them quickly and informally. However, we acknowledge that some complaints require a more formal and detailed approach to protect the complainant and to secure a just and fair outcome.

Implementation of complaints policy

The following procedures aim at ensuring that all complaints are:
promptly acknowledged and resolved;

  • resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, wherever possible;
  • escalated to Juice’s leaders, when required;
  • dealt with in a manner that protects and safeguards the complainant;
  • handled with integrity, honesty and transparency;
  • referred to appropriate external agencies, when appropriate.

If you are an apprentice and you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of your apprenticeship programme, please discuss this in the first instance with your mentor. The types of complaint or concern may include, for example:

  • the speed at which you are making progress with your apprenticeship;
  • a lack of clarity over the processes supporting your apprenticeship;
  • the effectiveness of our communications with you;
  • the support you get from your line manager and/or colleagues at work;
  • problems with harassment, discrimination or the way you are treated;
  • concerns about the quality of your learning experience;
  • issues about your Juice mentor or coach
  • conflicts or other concerns relating to other apprentices on your programme.

If you are an employer, parent or other stakeholder with a legitimate interest, and you have a concern or complaint you wish to discuss with us, please contact in the first instance the apprentice’s mentor if practicable to do so. The types of complaint or concern may include, for example:

  • the speed at which the apprentice is making progress with their apprenticeship;
  • the way Juice is supporting the apprentice;
  • the conduct of any Juice member of staff;
  • the effectiveness of the way we communicate with you and provide you with relevant
  • the quality, effectiveness and relevance of the teaching, training and learning we deliver to the apprentice;
  • the manner in which we prepare the apprentice for end point assessment.

These are examples only to help you appreciate the range of potential issues we would be glad to hear from you about. They are not exhaustive lists.

If your complaint is about your Juice mentor or coach, and/or you do not feel comfortable discussing the issue directly with them, please contact Juice’s Director of Professional Development, Kevin Culver, on

In the first instance, we will try to resolve your complaint informally. If this does not give you a satisfactory result, we shall escalate the issue into a formal complaint, which means we shall:

  • record the details of your complaint;
  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing within 24 hours;
  • fully investigate the issue you raise;
  • advise you of the actions we are taking in writing;
  • write to you with our response within five working days.

In all cases, our aim is to acknowledge your complaint or concern within 24 hours and resolve it within five working days. If this timescale needs to be extended, the reasons for any extension will be explained and a new deadline agreed by all parties. The response to all complaints will be one of the following:

  • your complaint has been upheld;
  • your complaint has been partially upheld;
  • your complaint has been rejected.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can appeal within ten working days of receiving the result. You can do this by contacting Kevin Culver on the email address provided above.

If, after following the Juice complaints procedure, you remain dissatisfied, you can escalate your complaint to the relevant external agency. This means you can contact:

  • The Education and Skills Funding Agency if your complaint relates to any aspect of the apprenticeship up to the point of passing through The Gateway for end point assessment.
    You can do this by emailing
  • The End Point Assessment Organisation if your complaint relates to the way the apprentice has been independently assessed after s/he has passed through The Gateway. In such cases, please speak with Juice’s mentor in the first instance who will provide you with details of the separate Appeals Process to help guide you. You will also find details of who to
    contact in the Apprenticeship Commitment Statement.

Responsibility for this policy

The Director of Professional Development has overall responsibility for promoting and ensuring the effectiveness of this policy. It is also the personal responsibility of each member of the Juice team to encourage apprentices to read the policy and understand their rights to complain about any aspect of our service.

Review of this policy

The effectiveness and validity of this policy will be reviewed in December 2019 and revised as
appropriate. In any event, this policy will expire 31st December 2019 and will be reissued 1st January 2020.