Why Your Sales Pitch Might Only Make Sense To You And What You Should Do About It

Here’s the thing, no one reads your political posts or listens to your comments that disagree with their opinions and thinks, “Wow! You’re right, I’m changing my mind”.

In fact, there is a fairly strong case that by carping on and on and on and on (and on and on and on…), that you repel people who do not agree with you, reinforce their opposing opinions, and entrench their position.

Think Trump… You only need to read the comments on posts from the last couple of days to see that his supporters are digging in (and vice versa). It doesn’t matter what’s posted, they have an answer. People buy on emotion and they make decisions based on the stories that they tell themselves. Powerful, emotional stories beat facts and logic every time.

Posting this stuff gets you loads of affirmation and security from people like you but if you think you’re changing minds, think again.

Robert De Niro posted a rant against Trump. It was titled all sorts of things and apparently “destroyed” Trump. Will it have made any difference? No. No more than the actors, business people, MPs etc who gave similar talks against Brexit. People just do not make decisions that way. He may feel better, he may feel he has done his bit; but the reality is, however, that when he makes “Meet The Fockers: The Political Years,” he will have lost a goodly proportion of his audience.

Still not convinced? Look at Brexit. Remain rolled out everyone and the kitchen sink to say it was wrong; did it make a jot of difference? No. People had their own stories and they stuck to them.

Bottom line, he who controls the story, wins.

To change minds, you need to change the narratives running in peoples’ heads. You do not do this using facts that make sense to you because of the narrative you’re running; that only makes sense to you and people like you; it makes none to someone running a totally different narrative.

If you want to change the stories people tell themselves, you do it by truly understanding their stories, their point of view; finding a way to build rapport with that; then offering different stories that they feel comfortable telling; or that start to challenge their narrative.

So, why doesn’t this happen?

Most people just don’t understand others or the stories that they tell; they don’t want to; or maybe they can’t. They just keep repeating facts and evidence; stuff they just can’t get past because they don’t understand why others don’t get it. They conclude that they must be stupid. Then they throw insults and start to make up their own stories, vilifying the other side which makes it harder and harder and harder to close the gap. They look at people and say, people are anti politics, racist, fascist, bigoted, communist, casting a protest vote etc. When it’s clients they blame the clients, or their products, or the competition, or the economy… you get the idea.

They might as well be honest and say, “I do not understand them.” Because until they do, they have no chance of changing the narrative and no chance of engaging and influencing people.

My name is Gavin Ingham and this post is not about politics. If you think it is, then you’re probably holding onto your own narrative a bit too tightly. Sorry about that, I really did not want to offend; I’m actually talking about how to lead, motivate, present, and sell more effectively.

I specialise in mental toughness and helping people to be more, do more, and have more in their businesses and their lives. I do this through motivational talks and executive coaching. If you want more strategies and tips, join my success newsletter.

Gavin Ingham

Gavin is a speaker and author of “Motivate People” and “Objections! Objections! Objections!” Gavin has given over 1000 paid talks to over 100,000 delegates, spoken in nearly every county in England, all over Europe and in the US and Africa. With talks from small SMEs to the likes of Jaguar, UBS, The Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft and Renault Trucks, he knows what it takes to motivate and inspire audiences to change and adapt to today’s competitive markets.

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