Why I didn’t fire the client

In my last blog I was writing about “Firing the client”. Since then a few folks have asked what actually happened:

So I tried. I really tried. I wanted to be the Brave New Recruiter and shirk off that unwanted client holding me back from the riches I was clearly entitled to elsewhere.

In the end it was all quite civilised. The client wants to actually move into an area I work in. They want to work with me exclusively and give me two weeks before the new roles go public. The six months of what I thought was fruitless slog was actually a branding exercise. So I’m sticking with it. Because in my book, you can’t beat a bit if exclusivity.

But my clients view on recruiters hadn’t changed, in fact it had got worse. Being the inquisitive type (I am a Recruiter, after all… ) I could not help but ask one of the magical open questions… why? I got an interesting response:

  1. Apparently a recruiters’ favourite is the ‘teaser’ voicemail: “Hi this is (insert name here) from (insert name here) I understand you are looking for a (insert position here), please call me back on (insert number here)”. Maybe this works, but this particularly wound my client up, especially as the same recruiter left this message 4 times (lesson: speak to them, don’t leave endless voicemails).
  2. My Client eventually decided to use someone that claimed to be an executive search firm who specialised in their particular area of need. The recruiter sent over CV’s littered with spelling mistakes. This was actually overlooked as the CV’s were indeed of interest. None of the candidates had been interviewed properly and it turns out none were actually available. (lesson: er… interview your candidates and use spell check on the résumé)
  3. And finally: Another Search firm took sixteen emails to eventually send their terms of business over. (lesson: words fail me)

Recruitment is a difficult enough gig without shooting yourself in the foot with the examples above. Most of which are not even business practice but common sense.

I look forward to catching up next month!

Alex Babic

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