Which social platforms are right for your recruitment agency?

Social Media has revolutionised the way that communication is being done, professionally and personally. As per some research carried out in 2011, it was found that almost half of the jobseekers in the UK use social media to find and apply for jobs. It was noted that nearly 20% use Facebook and 33% use LinkedIn.

With such stats at hand, after deciding you’re going to take your agency to the world of social media, it then becomes a little difficult for agencies to decide which platform they need to be active on.

That being said, I firmly believe that for any organisation it is imperative for them to be present and active on social media because of the traffic that it generates. This is one of the best ways to tell people what you have to offer to them.

When it comes to recruitment agencies, you need to understand all of the basics of the candidate. Ideally, I would recommend you to be present on almost all the social media platforms (depending on your sector of recruitment).



So, what are the benefits of being present on the top three social media platforms? Let’s find out:

1. Facebook

The World’s largest social media platform has a lot to offer. Agencies can look at the types of posts that the candidate shares (only if the profile is not made private). The type of posts will define the type of candidate you are about to hire. Lisa Horn says – “Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known?” So, by looking and scanning the profile of a candidate, agencies can begin to know a lot about them.

2. Twitter

This micro-blogging site has its USP with the number of characters which can be used. But, how can this be helpful in choosing the right candidate? If a candidate can express their thoughts in a very concise manner and on subjects that you are looking for, then this is the platform that you must focus on.

It has been found that there are 305 million users on Twitter. Now, you need to be active and keep a close eye on finding such candidates because it is difficult to scan profiles of so many prospective candidates. Don’t be fooled into thinking that people only use Twitter for personal use, because the reality is a lot different to that. Begin scanning keywords in the ‘search’ engine and you’ll start to see some results.

We’ll soon be sharing an article around HOW exactly you can find candidates on Twitter, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

3. LinkedIn

This social media site has been one of the biggest recruitment platforms. Users (candidates and organisations) create their professional profiles and it gives massive exposure not only to the candidates but also to the agencies. In a survey done in 2011 by Potentialpark it was found that nearly 50 percent of graduates loved to interact with their employers via LinkedIn. By far LinkedIn is the preferred platform for candidate seekers.

Social Media’s use as a recruitment tool has given tremendous opportunities to employers and has also thrown a lot of challenges as well.

It is a great way to generate leads by attracting befitting candidates. With proper and focused targeting, recruitment agencies can give adequate information to the candidates. When considering the opportunities for employers or recruitment agencies social media provides a lot of candid information related to the candidates.

The Internet has changed the way that communication is being done online. It is important for recruitment agencies to actively market their services and recruitment procedures to reach their target audiences. This will ensure that the agencies are hiring the right candidate in less time AND with a lesser cost involved.

Hayley Jenkins

Hayley Jenkins is the Owner of The Social Geeks, a Social Media Management Agency who specialise in Social Recruitment. We know that as busy recruiters, you don’t have the time to manage your Social Media effectively, so we do it for you. With a background in IT and Banking Recruitment, Hayley fully understands the industry and that's what enables her to deliver results to industry specific clients.

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