Using Social Media for Social HR Recruiting

Successful businesses need to have the right human resources on hand at the right time. However, competitive labor markets, complicated laws and regulations, and evolving employee expectations have made recruiting time-consuming despite new software solutions that can automate a big portion of it. Companies increasingly depend on professional HR firms to help them meet their staffing needs.

The role of professional recruiting services has changed with automation and competition within the HR industry has intensified. As a recruiter, you must work faster and smarter than your competitors to truly differentiate yourself and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that can lead to long-term profitability.

Why Turn to Social Media

The popularity of social media gives HR professionals access to effective targeting and analysis tools that are freely available. They help them sequence and target their audience precisely, be it clients in need of staff, or job seekers looking for their next gig.

Today, social media strategy has become a crucial part of any company’s business plan. A solid social media plan will precisely identify ways you want to promote business and services on social media, your ideal customers, which social media channels you will use most, where you will invest your budget most and more.

Create personas that represent types of companies that you want to serve, as well as the employees you hope to recruit. That information will help you craft marketing messages that connect with your audiences and engage them easily.

Publish Valuable Content

As you pursue your target market on social media, remember to give them value. Posting job opportunities is not enough anymore. Provide actionable content, tips and tricks, guides and behind the scenes on how you work.

For a recruiting firm, this can mean that you publish information that helps employers make better use of your services. Also, you need to educate and inform job seekers, so they know how to qualify for the types of jobs you aim to fill.

For example, you can provide guidance for creating resumes that win, giving job seekers a positive experience with your brand that may lead to a trusting relationship with your brand. Similarly, business owners and managers that struggle with recruiting may learn from you how a staffing firm can save them time and money while building an outstanding team.

Engage Your Audience

Unlike other marketing channels, social networks are a two-way street. This means that your business can interact with employers and employees without constantly promoting your brand. A quick tips and tricks post with a CTA attached to the end can do wonders for your business, as long as you remember to respond to all the replies you get.

For instance, you can use social media to provide customer service. By promptly responding to comments and complaints, you can demonstrate your competence as a business, as well as your commitment to client satisfaction. You can actively solicit feedback via social media that will help your agency better meet the needs and expectations of businesses and employees.

Maintain Balance

With the rush to move almost everything to social media, resist the temptation to use it as your only channel. Although social media can facilitate the recruiting process, you will not be able to complete every task for it. For example, candidate screening and interviewing will likely require a different venue.

Also, although social media can reveal a lot about a prospect, most jobs will still require a formal vetting process that includes background checks. Meanwhile, the analytics and benchmarks you can collect via social media will never replace a results-based measure of your organizational performance.

Grow Your Business

After your agency reaches a plateau, you may want to branch out to serve other types of employers. Social media gives you an outstanding platform to spread the news about your business in ways that can result in rapid gains. Furthermore, you can use your social media audience to get suggestions for what markets may benefit the most from your brand.

Your business can also expand into additional social networks. For example, if you tend to focus your efforts on LinkedIn, try using Facebook to showcase your customer service and recruiting expertise. You can also use sites such as YouTube to provide short question-and-answer videos as well as in-depth coverage of HR-related topics.

In summary, your decision to embrace social HR recruiting can give your agency almost unlimited potential. Begin by using social media tactics to build your brand so it gets noticed by the employers and workers who need your services the most. Never forget to add value to your audience to establish your firm as an authoritative leader in your field.

Most of all, remember that social networks give you plenty of space to expand. By staying engaged and responding to feedback, you can set your company on course for continuous growth.

Jasmine Williams

Jasmine Williams covers the good and the bad of today's business and marketing. She was rummaging through her grandma’s clothes before it was cool and she’s usually hunched over a book or dancing in the kitchen, trying hard to maintain rhythm, but delivering some fine cooking (her family says so). Tweet her @JazzyWilliams88

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3 replies
  1. Iain @ ISL
    Iain @ ISL says:

    Great article Jasmine, a really good look at one of the great problems facing us recruiters today.
    Speaking very broadly I find LinkedIn has the quality we’re looking for but not the volume (of active job seekers), while Facebook is the exact opposite – huge volumes of (often) relatively unqualified candidates.

    I know from speaking to friends at other agencies that this is a common problem – keeping the message ‘tight’ enough in FB to naturally sieve out all but the best qualified job hunters for any given position.

  2. Verve
    Verve says:

    That was a very insightful read, Jasmine.
    You articulated the benefits of using Social Media for the recruiter’s benefit while also detailing the common pitfalls of its overuse. Using a balanced strategy to keep up with the cutthroat competition in the HR World is the ideal solution employed by Verve GS, a new age Recruitment & RPO Agency that can help clients with its adaptable methodology and out-of-the-box approach to hiring.


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