An update from our partnership with United World Schools

At Recruitment Juice, we’ve always put people at the centre of everything we do. This is why we launched the Juice Reward Centre – a place where your completed courses become ‘coins’ that go towards real-life rewards. Teaming up with a charity called United World Schools on a project called Teach the Unreached, every 200 coins becomes a day of school for a child in Cambodia.

Last week, we received an update from United World Schools on how our donations have been helping. They sent the following:

Dear Recruitment Juice,

Hope you’ve had a great start to the year. Following the start of term, I wanted to send you a quick update with the latest photos from UWS Pea School.

Your school continues to prosper and provide an amazing education to every child in the village.

One of the best things about the school has been the addition of a new librarian whose job it is to go into the community and support reading and literacy not just among the children of the village but the whole community.

The difference education is making was demonstrated by your village celebrating Victory Over Genocide Day on the 7th January. On that date last week school children, parents and community leaders came together to remember the end of the Khmer Rouge regime and to celebrate their right to go to school. This was something denied to them under the regime and then afterwards withheld until our partnership with you was able to provide this opportunity.

Finally, we must thank you for supporting our 2018 Christmas Appeal. These donations round up a really amazing year that has seen 40 new schools being built and 20 satellite schools set up. This has meant that over 5000 more students are accessing education. It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without the support of partners like you.

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