The Next Super Recruiter Will Be Born Out of AI-Human Interface

The Next Super Recruiter Will Be Born Out of AI-Human Interface

There was a time when each and every machine on the production floor required human assistance, when people still carried pocket books in their trousers to note down important numbers, when the ratio of testers to developers in an IT firm was 1:1. Well that time is long gone now, thanks to the world of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is No Longer the Hi-Tech Stuff from Movies, It’s a Reality!

Many of us wouldn’t have noticed but during the past couple of years AI has slowly but steadily become an integral part of our lives. From those crazy offers that we see on Amazon, the bots who call us day and night, to the virtual assistants on our smartphones, AI is steadily creeping into our lives, and knowing its advantages, no one seems to be complaining.

Next Stop – AI in Recruitment

Given the massive talent crunch in the market, lack of innovative sourcing mechanisms, and the number of man-hours wasted in scanning through irrelevant candidate profiles, staffing firms and organisations worldwide are really counting on AI to revolutionise the traditional hiring process.

In fact, most of the big staffing firms like Compunnel are already on their way, giving final touches to their super charged machine learning algorithms that can scan millions of candidate profiles and match them to a relevant job order in a matter of hours.

96% of HR professionals believe AI can enhance their talent acquisition efforts

55% believe AI will become a regular part of HR in the next 5 years

Source – Career Builder, Deloitte

Visualising the Super Recruiter of Tomorrow

The big question that is on everyone’s mind is – Can AI really make recruiters obsolete? Not really, because no one can take human touch out of the hiring equation, never. But can using AI in hiring make the whole process hassle-free, quality oriented, and fast? Definitely!

Just imagine if this Human factor could gel with the AI technology? Imagine a Super Recruiter who could find the best candidate using machine learning algorithms in hours, who could predict which channels are best for sourcing a particular skill set, a recruiter who could do complete analysis of candidate’s profile, and predict his/her success in a particular role.


3 Traits of the Super Recruiter

3 traits of a super recruiter

A Sneak Peek into the Future of Recruiting!

One thing is for sure, with the incorporation of AI, firms will require much lesser number of recruiters as most of the repetitive tasks will be taken care of by the tools. But that’s the cost of innovation isn’t it? I mean which industry isn’t suffering from this phenomenon of automation. The advantages, however, are too big to ignore, even for small corporations.

Here are some of the processes that a Super Recruiter could perform with the help of AI.

  • Best Candidate Guaranteed: Imagine a piece of code that could predict the success of a candidate in a particular role based on their work experience, past record, values, soft skills and much more. A system that could tell the recruiter about the most appropriate time to approach a candidate to guarantee a positive response, a system that could find the best candidates based on their forum discussions. Yes, the opportunities are limitless.
  • Changing the Landscape of Sourcing: How about showing a particular job only to those candidates who are currently looking for a job? Imagine if you could know where to find these people. A system that could broadcast job ads only to interested people, that too at times when they are most active e.g. when they are surfing Facebook or may be buying a mobile phone on Amazon. With such level of sophistication, sourcing my friend, would never be the same again.
  • Posting Jobs on Channels that Yield Results: AI can not only help in curating the best job description, with the help of a simple click recruiters would be able to post a job on multiple platforms that are tested for success. From the best places to post a particular job (social media, job boards, forums etc), tracking the reach and engagement of every posting to sorting interested candidates in segmented lists, AI could help in reducing the time-to-hire drastically.

And this is just the start, with the rapid advancements in technology, expect more to come soon. For organisations looking for solutions to their hiring problems, well, I have good news – the solution has arrived!


 Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

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