The joy of recruitment

Last week was brilliant. It reminded me of how exciting it can be to work in recruitment.

Last week’s placement involved proposals, intense negotiations and long, heart-to-heart discussions late into the night.

The end result was a happy candidate, a happy client and a verbal acceptance. I’m still tasting the euphoria.

This is what Greg Savage refers to as “fun and money”. I once heard Greg Savage talk about this and it stuck in my head. Fun and Money. I also remember that Greg pointed out that Money isn’t everything, but it gives you options. And recruitment is an industry that you can be good at if you work hard and listen. It’s not a Sales job. It’s more than that. There are too many variables to affect outcomes for it to be a pure sales role.

And I’m aware that just because I got a verbal acceptance, does not mean I can book that family cruise quite yet. Oh no, I’ve got resignation periods and probation periods to get through first. But nonetheless, it was nice to feel that buzz again! It’s incredibly addictive.

Have a great week!

Alex Babic

Been recruiting for nearly 20 years covering international and domestic markets. Outside of work I enjoy (trying to) keep fit, cooking for the Family and taking our ebullient black Labrador for long walks. Also got a side interest in motorcycling.

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