Line Up Group

Line Up recently implemented Recruitment Juice as we feel passionately that continual investment in our staff will help deliver world class results. We wanted a solution where the trainee focusses on their specific development needs and learns at their own pace whilst retaining the flexibility to “push development” through training that is monitored as part of formal processes. Having researched the market, including referencing with existing Juice clients, we felt Recruitment Juice met our needs and rolled out the system in May 2016. Although only recently implemented, our team have really engaged and like the combination of training methodologies and content employed by the platform. The introduction of the system is seen by the employees as tangible evidence that Line Up supports their growth and career development which in turn is helping with the green shoots of performance improvements across the team. We are already starting to implement usage of the system into our regular individual personal development plans and expect to see improved confidence and subsequent performance across the team in the coming months.

Nick Stocker, Group Operations Officer, Line Up Group