CDI AndersElite

The content is on point, relevant and very relatable to our recruiters. The platform itself is intuitive and very easy to use. The concept of social learning is one that resonates extremely well with our recruiters and the gamification motivates and drives users back to the platform.

Emily Horton, Executive Assistant to MD/HR & L&D, CDI AndersElite

Peoplebank Australia Ltd.:

Juice is an invaluable tool in providing directed individual and group learning to build confidence and skill to meet key challenges. It delivers a cost effective and consistent training experience to all our recruiters, at all levels of experience. Juice has transformed how we train our staff!

Natalie Goldman, National L&D Manager, Peoplebank Australia Ltd.

Yoh Solutions Recruitment

Yoh chose Recruitment Juice as a key part of our UK training programme for new and existing staff based on their successful track record in the industry and the cutting edge product offering. We looked at a number of options when considering how to update our training for 2016 but Recruitment Juice was by far the best option out there. The team have worked very closely with all the staff at Yoh to provide a top quality service that people have really bought in to.

James Parkin, Director, Yoh Solutions.

SMAART Recruitment

We’ve only been using Recruitment Juice for three months but have already found it to be really useful. The wide variety of topics covered means there is relevant content for recruiters of all levels. Allowing consultants to access the training at a time that suits them is very convenient.

James Witcombe, Associate Director, SMAART Recruitment.

Retailworld Resourcing

RWR group searched for a training solution that was aligned to our culture, values and integrity and promoted best practise recruitment processes. Recruitment Juice is the ticket, we have included some of our own content, the structured learning pathways ensure there is relevant content to suit all levels. We continue to get great feedback from our team and managers. Thanks Juice!

Trish McLean, Group CEO, Retailworld Resourcing.

Foundation Recruitment

We are into a fourth year with Juice and have found it to be a really valuable tool that sits well alongside our own internal training and coaching programme. Its help us produce some great Consultants with a strong appreciation for all of the main facets of recruitment and further develop some of them into first class team leaders and Managers.

Julian Long, Managing Director, Foundation Recruitment.

The London Teaching Pool (TLTP)

Juice is fresh, innovative, easy to use and almost like a social media account – they’ve really tapped into today’s technology and made best use of it. Not only are the modules applicable for our consultants but for the entire company. It really is a platform that engages the entire company without losing focus on training and developing.

Darryl Mydat, Managing Director, The London Teaching Pool

The Placement Group

The Placement Group have found the comprehensive training platform provided by ‘Recruitment Juice’ to be an invaluable tool; not only as a means to develop the next generation of recruitment talent, but also to upskill our long established sales force with insightful guidance of using new recruitment methodology and social media.

Steve Porter, Managing Director, The Placement Group

Line Up Group

Line Up recently implemented Recruitment Juice as we feel passionately that continual investment in our staff will help deliver world class results. We wanted a solution where the trainee focusses on their specific development needs and learns at their own pace whilst retaining the flexibility to “push development” through training that is monitored as part of formal processes. Having researched the market, including referencing with existing Juice clients, we felt Recruitment Juice met our needs and rolled out the system in May 2016. Although only recently implemented, our team have really engaged and like the combination of training methodologies and content employed by the platform. The introduction of the system is seen by the employees as tangible evidence that Line Up supports their growth and career development which in turn is helping with the green shoots of performance improvements across the team. We are already starting to implement usage of the system into our regular individual personal development plans and expect to see improved confidence and subsequent performance across the team in the coming months.

Nick Stocker, Group Operations Officer, Line Up Group

Recruitment Solution Wales

Juice ticks all the boxes, it offers continuous training that is tailored to our industry and has something to suit everyone. It enables consultants to choose their training path and gives them the flexibility and autonomy that is a must in this business. The topics covered and short bursts of training and learning videos are ideal which makes excuses such as ‘I haven’t had time’ null and void! My team have really embraced it and it has definitely created some very healthy competition!

Caroline Kingston, Regional Operations Director, Recruitment Solution Wales