How apps bring the world of recruiting to mobile devices

Regardless of whether you are a part of it or even want to admit it, we live in a world where the majority of people spend an immense amount of time looking at the screens of their mobile devices. One might even say we are turning into zombies who crave the warming glow of our devices, but as Simon Pegg warned us in the best zombie movie ever, we shouldn’t use the Z word, “…because it is ridiculous.”

It is also lazy.

The fact remains, however, that mobile devices have long become the main internet entry point and it is a trend that will probably not be reversed.

The world of business has been quick to follow and even lead this transition to mobile, the HR industry included. The recruitment industry has been quick to adapt and it is safe to say that everyone involved in the industry has been quite eager to take advantage of the various mobile solutions, including mobile apps.

Apps to Make a Recruiter’s Life Easier

For one, there is an abundance of mobile apps that can make life so much easier and more comfortable for a recruiter, no matter who they work for.

The first type of app that makes the world a more hospitable place for recruiters are those that were not developed with only recruiters in mind. An app like TripIt is the perfect example. It is an app that helps organise business travels, which is something many recruiters have to deal with on a daily basis.

Evernote is an app that easily finds its way to any professional’s mobile device and stays there forever. This app is quite simply the best note-taking app out there, specifically tailored to business people’s needs (even though they might not rush to admit it).

There are also a number of social media tools that can help recruiters stay involved and in the loop, both when it comes to their industry, but also when it comes to their clients and talent.

Recruiters also deal with copious amounts of data and they can definitely do with a cloud storage service. The choice is pretty much unlimited these days and the best piece of advice would be to look for the most secure one, simply because a recruiter’s data is their livelihood.

Third-Party Recruitment Solutions

Recruiters who have the pleasure of being an in-house department in a company usually work with third-party solutions, i.e. various pieces of software developed by someone else. In most cases, these are fantastic pieces of software, capable of streamlining the recruiting work to such an extent that recruiters can actually find the time to apply themselves to the big picture projects and something that will truly benefit the company they work for in a major way.

Pretty much all of the recruitment software developers know the importance of mobile apps and their solutions can be accessed on a mobile device, without compromising the functionality. Solutions like SmartRecruiters, BambooHR, HireMojo and Osclass are all available for mobile devices, allowing recruiters to get their work done on the go.

By the way, Recruitment Juice will also be joining them later this year when the app will be launched, allowing recruiters to access videos and more from their smartphones and other mobile apps.

Developing One’s own App?

Another way in which mobile apps have become more present in the world of recruiting is via recruitment companies that decide to come out with their own apps. To be more precise, this should probably be better described as a potential for recruiting companies to develop their own apps.

Many of the world’s largest recruitment agencies such as Randstad or Allegis Group have launched their mobile apps a while ago, allowing their recruiters and their placements alike to take advantage of apps that help them do their jobs better in one way or another.

Up until relatively recently, having an app developed and launching it required mind-boggling time and money investments and was therefore reserved for only the biggest players in the game, companies like the ones we mentioned. These days, we are seeing a change for the better, at least from the standpoint of smaller agencies.

Namely, we are seeing a surge of off-the-shelf app developers, app makers like Bizness Apps and others, where smaller companies — recruitment agencies included — can purchase app templates and modify them so that they suit their needs.

It is important to be realistic and understand that these apps will never be the same as solutions that cost tens of thousands of pounds and more, but they will be able to do the basics and bring an average recruitment agency into the 21st century in style.

It is safe to say that recruiters have joined the ranks of professionals whose faces are bathed by the glow of mobile device screens round the clock. This happens in any number of ways and the good news is that, most of time, this results in better business practices.


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