Recruiters - Spend a Day Back in the ‘90s Every Once in a While

Recruiters – Spend a Day Back in the ‘90s Every Once in a While

A few years ago when I was running a recruitment business in Hong Kong the server went down unexpectedly one morning. I remember watching as many of my team immediately began packing up their stuff and heading for the door like it was the end of the day.

Where’s everyone going?”, I asked casually as the stampede gathered around me as if there had been a fire evacuation.

There’s no connection so we can’t work”, one of them replied.

There’s absolutely no point just sitting around without Internet access”, somebody else chimed in, rallying the troops to all bail out with her.

If I’d had a whistle I would have blown it like a coach summoning the team back in off the field.

But I didn’t have a whistle so I just asked everyone to head straight back to their desks.

I suddenly realised that I had a team of supposedly experienced recruiters who actually believed they couldn’t work just because we’d temporarily lost our access to the Internet.

It was time for some basic Recruitment Training 101.

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The mistake MOST recruiters make when it comes to social media

The mistake MOST recruiters make when it comes to social media

The important place that social media has within recruitment is now pretty well documented. Social media has proven itself to be highly effective in generating leads and attracting talent, particularly passive candidates. And, of course, those candidates — wherever they might be — now have an expectation that recruiters will use social media.

But despite all this, many recruiters are left frustrated with the results they get from social media. In simple terms, the mistake that MOST recruiters make when it comes to social media is that they expect too much of a return for too little effort.

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Which social platforms are right for your recruitment agency?

Social Media has revolutionised the way that communication is being done, professionally and personally. As per some research carried out in 2011, it was found that almost half of the jobseekers in the UK use social media to find and apply for jobs. It was noted that nearly 20% use Facebook and 33% use LinkedIn.

With such stats at hand, after deciding you’re going to take your agency to the world of social media, it then becomes a little difficult for agencies to decide which platform they need to be active on.

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You can now see 3rd tier LinkedIn profiles… but it’s not all good news!

LinkedIn have just announced some significant changes to the visibility of profiles found via a keyword search.

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