Job Boards vs LinkedIn: Which is better for recruiters?

Job Boards vs LinkedIn

The heat between the two major recruitment platforms is getting hotter. Which is better, Job Boards or LinkedIn? Which is better for recruiters?

Discover where this battle began and its effect on the industry with a little help from our friends at CV Nation.

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How to make your job adverts stand out

How to make job adverts stand out from the crowd

The first piece of literature a candidate reads when searching for a new position is a job advert. Whether it’s a candidate actively seeking a new role, or a passive candidate who’s been sent the description by a consultant, an advert will only have 49-seconds to make an impact on a job seeker.  So how do you make your advert stand out from the crowd?

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Recruiters - Are your candidates telling the truth?

Recruiters – Are your candidates telling the truth?

Identifying the right candidate for a position is a tricky task for any recruiter. Job seekers have, on occasion, been known to get a little creative on their CV and exaggerate their skills so they stand out from the crowd. However, some applicants often take this one step too far by completely lying about aspects of their professional life.

A recent survey has shown that seven out of 10 employers have reported finding a lie on a CV, a statistic not completely unexpected with 38% of British people admitting to falsifying the document.

So, with many sections available to disguise incorrect facts, here are some of the common places that candidates attempt to pull the wool over recruiter’s eyes.

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You may have felt stressed and blamed it on others but have you ever thought that you may be creating stress for your colleagues, direct reports, managers, suppliers or clients through your actions and behaviours?

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Best practice… what does that really mean?

#Brexit seems to have had an impact not just on the UK market, but also in countries as far afield as Australia and Dubai. It’s nothing compared to the Global Financial Crisis of course, just a lack of confidence that can hit the permanent placement market in the short term. Recruitment consultancies tend to adjust during these times, but some go too far.

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To hire or not to hire, that is the question.

For the owner of a small agency, it’s a difficult decision that could take your business to the moon, or send it crashing into the landfill.

For the manager or director of a recruitment giant, it is also what your reputation and future promotions may hang on.

When to hire, who to hire and whether to hire at all?

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5 effective ways to launch your social media campaign

Deciding that you want to be active on social media is always a good start. It’s then what you do next as to whether you execute social media effectively or not.

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Recruiters: 4 client and candidate personality traits you MUST know about

Ever wondered why some client and candidate relationships are so easy and some are a nightmare?

There are many reasons for this, but as a recruitment consultant, the first thing you need to say to yourself is that old cliché “It’s not you, it’s me!”

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Can Internal Recruiters assist candidates as much as Agency Recruiters can?

Agency Recruiters will always beat Internal Recruiters. Always.

Even great internal recruiters can never do as good a job for candidates as great agency recruiters do.

Never. Ever.

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