Recruiters - Stay Close to Your Candidates During Their Notice Period

Recruiters – Stay Close to Your Candidates During Their Notice Period

My flight home from San Francisco the other day was delayed by over an hour. It felt like every 10 – 15 minutes the boarding time would be pushed out, resulting in a mass sigh or groan of frustration from the all the passengers waiting in the departure lounge.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to the people around me. It was late, I was really tired, and I could hardly keep my eyes open.

So when I heard “No f#%&ing way… You can’t be serious…”, in a John McEnroe type of outburst from the guy sitting opposite me, I just assumed another delay notification must have appeared on the monitors.

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4 top strategies for a rookie recruiter

4 top strategies for a rookie recruiter

A recruiter career path is certainly rewarding when you are connecting clients to their ideal candidates. In the beginning, it can be intimidating to pick up the phone and speak with professionals.

Here are 4 strategies a rookie recruiter can try to feel confident and comfortable in their new role.

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Recruiters - Spend a Day Back in the ‘90s Every Once in a While

Recruiters – Spend a Day Back in the ‘90s Every Once in a While

A few years ago when I was running a recruitment business in Hong Kong the server went down unexpectedly one morning. I remember watching as many of my team immediately began packing up their stuff and heading for the door like it was the end of the day.

Where’s everyone going?”, I asked casually as the stampede gathered around me as if there had been a fire evacuation.

There’s no connection so we can’t work”, one of them replied.

There’s absolutely no point just sitting around without Internet access”, somebody else chimed in, rallying the troops to all bail out with her.

If I’d had a whistle I would have blown it like a coach summoning the team back in off the field.

But I didn’t have a whistle so I just asked everyone to head straight back to their desks.

I suddenly realised that I had a team of supposedly experienced recruiters who actually believed they couldn’t work just because we’d temporarily lost our access to the Internet.

It was time for some basic Recruitment Training 101.

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Turning recruitment failures into successes – 3 lessons to learn quickly

Turning recruitment failures into successes – 3 lessons to learn quickly

 There’s not one successful recruiter today that hasn’t made a mistake or two.

In my first 3 months I can remember two big mistakes that I made. They were my first job take and my first placement! My first job that I took on… I didn’t place. Didn’t even get one candidate for. My first placement… didn’t turn up!

So how am I still here nearly 30 years later?!

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5 mistakes recruiters make (and how to avoid them)

5 Mistakes Recruiters Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Recruitment is a fast-paced environment. Targets, deadlines and pressure can all lead to sloppy practice, even for the most experienced recruiter, and inevitably the same mistakes rear their ugly heads.

Here are five common mistakes made by recruiters and how to avoid making them yourself.

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4 benefits of niche recruitment services

4 benefits of niche recruitment services

Recruitment is a dynamic and changing sector that must adapt to keep up with the ever-changing working culture. Over recent years, with the boom in online recruitment and the power this has given the candidate, the industry has had to become smarter and prove its worth over automated job boards and social media platforms. With this, we’ve seen a rise in niche recruitment services.

So what are the benefits of being a niche provider, and how can the extra cost be justified to clients?

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How Do I Get Motivated When My Team Aren't?

How Do I Get Motivated When My Team Aren’t?

Here’s a question that I have been asked many times over the years, “How can I get motivated when my team aren’t?”

Whether it is due to team members changing, a new manager, or just a change in personal circumstances, many salespeople, at some point in their career, end up working in a team where others are not as motivated as they are. If you cannot deal with this, it can drag you down too.

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Recite After Me, "Pricing Is About Value. Period."

Recite After Me, “Pricing Is About Value. Period.”

The other day on LinkedIn, I noticed a question in my news stream — it was from someone I did not know and it was asking about pricing for sales. Maybe it was the way it was worded, or maybe it was because pricing and beliefs about money cut to the core of what I talk about, but I decided to have a look at the comments and replies that the person had received.


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Best practice… what does that really mean?

#Brexit seems to have had an impact not just on the UK market, but also in countries as far afield as Australia and Dubai. It’s nothing compared to the Global Financial Crisis of course, just a lack of confidence that can hit the permanent placement market in the short term. Recruitment consultancies tend to adjust during these times, but some go too far.

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How to be a valued sales partner in 6 simple steps

Recently, I was speaking at a conference and one of the audience members approached me to ask about a sales presentation that they had recently failed to win and wanted sales tips for the future. They wanted to know what they could have done about it and how they could improve their chance of winning a similar pitch next time. The main issue in this situation was poor sales positioning…

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