How to Write a LinkedIn Profile for Outreach Success

LinkedIn is currently ranked among the top most popular and most used social media channels. The number of LinkedIn registered accounts has already surpassed the 460 million users mark and continues to grow with each passing day. Its popularity can almost be compared to that of Facebook but a point to note is that their objectives are quite different, thus making them not compete for the same market.

LinkedIn is mostly used in the world of professional networking and is the most popular platform for helping in the building of brands or even to showcase your skills in a particular field. In addition to this, LinkedIn has found a role to play when you are in the business of job searching or establishing partnerships with a wide array of companies. Not only is LinkedIn vital for business use, it also has a great role to play for individuals. The simple act of writing your profile in an outstanding manner could be responsible for your success in personal development and also in finding new opportunities in your career path. For recruiters, LinkedIn is a gold mine for both potential clients and potential candidates, you just need to know how to mine it!

However, despite all these advantages that are attached to having a great LinkedIn profile, it does not exactly come that easy. The optimization of your profile is something that you have to work for and some of the strategies which you can use have been expounded on in this article.

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Has the time come to pay for LinkedIn?

If you are a Recruiter and you are still using LinkedIn for free you have probably got a tough decision to make, either now or in the near future.

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You can now see 3rd tier LinkedIn profiles… but it’s not all good news!

LinkedIn have just announced some significant changes to the visibility of profiles found via a keyword search.

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