How to build your digital 2.0 workforce

How to build your digital 2.0 workforce

The digital transformation 2.0 is here, we all know it.

Some refuse to embrace it, some live in denial, some might have already accepted it, while the recruiters have no choice but to understand how digital transformation has changed the nature of work, workplace and demands new age skills required for successful implementation of strategies.

In this rapid & well accepted transformation, it can be challenging for recruiters to identify, recruit and retain right talent at the same time. The rising demand is coupled with the shortage of talented candidates. To overcome this challenge you can look for new talent with proficiency in new age skills like Data Science, AI, Blockchain etc. or up skill existing workforce. To hire the right people for your digital transformation journey you must consider understanding the next gen job-roles and digital 2.0 skillset required for them.

This blog is to help recruiters- grumbling about not being able to identify the right talent but want to live up to hiring manager’s high expectations and help them get the best resources for the digital 2.0 team.

So, here are the two best ways to build effective digital 2.0 workforce.

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