Solid Millennial Talent Attraction Strategies in 2016

40% of employees will be Millennials by 2020 which means they are essential to the success and sustainability of businesses. If your clients are wanting to attract and retain the best Millennials to drive their businesses forward, what do they have to do differently?

Millennials are not interested in jobs, they want lives where their work means something. They don’t want to live weekend to weekend or vacation to vacation. They can’t see why they should sit behind a desk for 9 hours a day in an office full of people, trying to look busy to impress a boss. This is often misunderstood and misinterpreted as entitlement, laziness, non-compliance or selfishness. It’s not. Surely today, one can work effectively wherever and whenever you are most productive and most inspired.

Millennials have a bigger picture in mind about adding real value.  In your attraction strategy planning with clients ask your client’s what they specifically offer to top Millennial talent, here are some of the points to look out for:




Flexibility and freedom. Now, obviously this won’t be possible all the time and in all roles. They will need to spend time with colleagues and performing in teams but make the measure of success the RESULTS.  It has been proven that organisations that focus on results, giving the goals and getting out of the way for their people to achieve these, have better employee engagement levels and longer tenures of service.

Now a caution here, you need to be sincere in your offer of flexibility. Don’t tell employees they can work from home on Tuesday and Thursdays and then make them feel guilty for doing just that. You also need to encourage other employees to do the same.  Results-Only measures have to become a cultural adoption. Insincere practices will only lead to disillusionment and Millennials won’t stick around for more of that, they will leave.


Over 70% of Millennials would like to be entrepreneurs. Why? Because it’s a way of life and not a job. It offers more flexibility and more fulfilment. It’s all about results. They don’t want to work for someone.  They want to be part of something. The “Act like an Owner” culture at LinkedIn is a great example of this: time in office to pursue personal projects, education allowances for professional growth, a formalised internal ideas platform which provides a forum for employees to pitch concepts to executives, unlimited vacation days and an opportunity to donate to your charity of choice! Who wouldn’t want to work there?

Embrace an entrepreneurship mindset and encourage Millennials to be their own boss (within your business).


Why does your work matter? What impact does our company have? How do we make a positive contribution to the world? How do we add value to other people’s lives? Over 60% of Millennials say that understanding purpose and feeling part of something of value, is key.

They want to make the lives of others better in some way.  They want to know they are contributing positively. Communicating this effectively and consistently ensuring that your people know why what they do is important and why the company has value to the greater good. This creates a sense of collective and collaborative purpose.


Internal competition is dead. Millennials are not interested in vying for the next promotion or project.  They want to be valued on their own merits. They don’t want to be competing with their colleagues. Almost 90% of Millennials want to collaborate and not compete with peers. They are not interested in the internal politics of competition – they want a ‘we are all in this together’ team. Even more so, they want a ‘we are all in this together and together we can achieve anything’ team.

Personal Integrated Mastery:

Enabling life success for individuals and acknowledging that their lives matter, really matter! Almost 80% of Millennials say this is important. Authentically taking an interest in employees’ lives, their lives outside of but including work is what is key. Caring about who they are, what’s important to them, personal interests, their health, their families. Good managers who mentor and focus on career and personal goals are the only way to achieve this.

What will separate successes between organisations is the genuine way they treat their people. Millennials are connected, they do their research, they speak to your employees and what they want to know is – how do you make them feel and do you care? A truly integrated approach to engaging with your people. If you want the best from Millennials, this is vital.

Are your clients offering Millennial talent what they need to?  Are you able to position your client as an employer of choice to Millenni

Wanda Olszewski

With an Organizational Design and Industrial Psychology background, Wanda has over 40 000 hours of recruitment experience, has interviewed over 15 000 candidates and placed literally hundreds of people over the past 17 years across specialist and rare-in-market requirements. She is passionate about adding Talent value to clients and assisting top professionals in finding fabulous careers.

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