Recruitment success – the first 90 days

So you’ve joined a new recruitment company, what can you do in your first 90 days to ensure success? Irrespective of if you have previous recruitment experience or not, this is the time you lay the foundation for future success.

Here are 5 things to focus on in your first 90 days.

1. Research

“Before all else, getting ready is the secret of success,” Henry Ford.

Get ready! You should already have a substantial body of research that you would have done prior to interviewing with your new employer and certainly prior to starting with them — now you need to aim to double that.

Research and reach out. Connect with as many people in the company as possible. Establish your networks early. Know about your manager and his manager. Find out about your colleagues and their interests. Research clients, competition and the industry. Subscribe to relevant publications and blogs. Search for associated topics and industries of specialisation. Read all company training manuals, policies, processes again and again. Leaders are readers – so read, read and read. And research.

2. Observe

Observe actively! This is always a great skill to foster, even more so in unfamiliar situations.

Observation is the ACTIVE acquisition of information and in science involves the recording of data collected.

For this to be effective, it requires that you are present (not only physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually). Bring your whole self every day. Remain focussed and alert. Listen to conversations and communication, internally and externally. Listen actively to content, style, questions and context and ask yourself – what can I learn from this? What is this telling me? Watch interactions and look out for nonverbal cues and social intelligence indicators. What’s important to whom? What works and does not appear to work? Observe your own behaviour, feelings and reactions. Suspend judgement of yourself and others and remember this is you wanting to pave the way for your best future here. This is your greatest opportunity to quickly learn about your new environment and the people in it.

3. Ask

Time to check your ego at the door.

Seek out knowledge about processes, systems and find someone who is great at one particular aspect and ask them if you can come to them if you need help. You may find someone who is amazing at using the companies CRM system and mining data for candidates for example. “I’ve not used this system – would you mind if I get terribly stuck if I ask you for help. You seem to know the system really well. I promise not to be lazy and will always try and figure it out first but will you be my go-to person on this?” Jot down questions so you don’t forget to ask the relevant people and so you don’t ask them things every 2 minutes. Be respectful of others time and they will be respectful of yours. If your manager has not communicated these clearly to you, ask about their expectations of you. Where do they expect you to be after 30 days, 60 days, 90 days? Ask for feedback and be open to input and guidance.

4. Deliver

Trust is built through a pattern of delivery.

Under promise and over deliver. Track your time spent on each activity or task, create a pie-chart so you can see where you need to invest more time or where you need to speed up. A habit takes 21 days to foster, so start immediately to create good daily habits for yourself. Do your admin, make sure the mundane tasks are out of the way, ensure you respond promptly to emails and draft a plan that supports developing strong delivery. Create a track record of delivery. Remember the power of practice – when you take up a new sport it takes time, effort and practice to get to a place where you feel you are loving it. It takes dedication to get to those muscles working for that specific sport. Likewise when starting at new company. Deliver and practice delivery every day in every way.

5. Enjoy:

Never underestimate the value of having fun. Be enthusiastic and positive, it will carry you through the tough times. Thank colleagues and enjoy the process of building relationships. Stop regularly and recognise how far you have come and all that you have learned in this new environment. It’s an amazing opportunity to start a new journey.

Wanda Olszewski

With an Organizational Design and Industrial Psychology background, Wanda has over 40 000 hours of recruitment experience, has interviewed over 15 000 candidates and placed literally hundreds of people over the past 17 years across specialist and rare-in-market requirements. She is passionate about adding Talent value to clients and assisting top professionals in finding fabulous careers.

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