Recruiters — how to take control of worrying

There are many things in recruitment that can worry us, so what can you do to take control of your worries?

In recruitment some worrying is normal and part of the job, whether you are worrying about finding the right candidate or getting that big new client. However sometimes worrying can stop you performing your role effectively and get in the way of your success. Worrying uses up time and energy, can stop you sleeping and will negatively impact your focus on your work.

So how can you take control of worrying? Here are some things you may like to try:

Understand the root cause. The first thing to do is to understand the root cause of your worrying e.g. is it worrying about not meeting your recruitment targets or is it worrying about your relationship with a colleague. Make sure you get to the root cause and not something more superficial.

To help with this when you find yourself worrying write down what you are worrying about. Try and rationally think through each area of concern to get to the bottom of it.

By acknowledging and understanding your worries you can start to do something about them.

What is the best and worst that can happen? Gain perspective on your worries by thinking about the best and worst that could happen. This will help stop you getting things all out of proportion.

What is within and outside of your control? It is best to focus on the things that you are worrying about that are within your control as you can do something about them e.g. attracting more candidates. Accept that you cannot do anything about the things that are outside of your control e.g. the impact of Brexit. Identify everything that is within your control to take action on.

Prioritise your worries in order of importance. Decide the order of importance of the areas that are within your control and work on each one in turn.

Make a plan. Decide on the actions you can take to remove or diminish your worries e.g. promote the role you are recruiting for on social media. Be specific and break down your actions into smaller manageable steps e.g. the actions you will take by social media platform.

Take action. Once you start taking action on your worries you will find that you feel better as you complete each action, as well as stopping worrying when you are busy taking action.

Review regularly. If you have a plan and regularly review where you are and update your plan you will feel more in control as you will know where you are with everything.

Seek help and support. Talking through and sharing your worries with someone else e.g. your manager or supervisor may help you feel better and help you to decide what to do about them.

In the future try and pre-empt your worries. When you feel that you are starting to worry about something, take action immediately as detailed above, don’t leave it to get worse.

What do you do to take control of your worries?

Liz Makin

Liz Makin provides personalised business coaching, business mentoring and stress management services to business owners, directors, managers and professionals and has created two online video based course 'Stress management for business owners, directors & managers' and ‘Stress management for life: how to reduce and manage stress’ which show you how to reduce your current stress, manage stress positively going forward and build your resilience to stress over time.

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