Keeping things in perspective is critical within the every changing world of recruitment, so how can you keep things in perspective?

It can be very challenging to keep things in perspective within recruitment, as clients get more demanding and good candidates seem to be very much in demand. So here are some tips and strategies to try when you are struggling to keep things in perspective:

Focus on your longer term goals. Understand what is really important in your role and focus on what really matters. Try not to let small things dominate your thinking, and remind yourself of the bigger picture and your longer term goals.

Plan, re-prioritise and take action. When you are struggling to keep things in perspective, take time out to make a plan, re-prioritise and take action.

Remind yourself of what is going well. Step back from the situation and consider what is going well, what you have achieved and how much you have progressed.

Turn the figures around. If you are struggling to get candidates for a role it is easy to think all roles are hard to fill. However, maybe this role is the only one that is hard to fill out of the 50 your company is working on.

Think about the best and worse potential outcomes. When things are out of perspective consider the best and worse potential outcomes. This will set boundaries around your thoughts and enable you to work towards the best possible outcome.

Keep calm and think rationally. When things are getting out of perspective, it is easy to panic and think irrationally. Take some long deep breaths, calm yourself down, relax and think rationally about what to do next.

Be positive and consider your past successes. When things get out of perspective it is hard to see a way out. Remind yourself how you overcame similar situations in the past to gain confidence in finding a solution and stay positive so you focus on the positives of the situation.

Do something different. When things are getting out of perspective, take a break and do something different. You will then be able to see things more clearly on your return.

Ask for help and support. It is very difficult to deal with something that is getting out of perspective on your own. Ask your boss or a business colleague for help and support. They will be able to help you see things from a different perspective.

Hopefully the above ideas will help you the next time things are getting out of perspective for you.

Liz Makin

Liz Makin provides personalised business coaching, business mentoring and stress management services to business owners, directors, managers and professionals and has created two online video based course 'Stress management for business owners, directors & managers' and ‘Stress management for life: how to reduce and manage stress’ which show you how to reduce your current stress, manage stress positively going forward and build your resilience to stress over time.

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