Recruiters -don't be scared of the telephone

Recruiters – don’t be scared of the telephone

A couple of weeks ago I got a poorly worded, grammatically inept marketing email clearly sent out to thousands of recipients. “Dear Sir/Madam”, gave it away…

I duly ignored it, but then got this very odd follow up, in another email, stating the surprise that I had not taken them up on their exclusive offer. I just thought about all the effort that individual had gone to: writing the email, adding the addresses, and then penning the terse follow up. All a complete waste of time.

When I first started out in recruitment the telephone was our primary tool. In fact, in today’s age of social media, I still think it very much is.

The originator of this email clearly thought that they did not need to speak to anyone, or follow up with a courtesy call. It could all be done through email and the dollars would roll in.

In my view email is crucial – for confirming appointments, contractual obligations and anything else that doesn’t require the subtle nuances a phone call or a meeting can establish. Same goes for social media (in my view). It’s great for branding and raising your profile, but not for progressive interaction.

I almost get the impression people are scared of the phone. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t see the point of cold calling unless you’re going to do 100 calls a day (and if you are, good luck), but I do believe in a call to follow up an introduction. I do believe in calling someone back if they leave a message. I do actually believe that a phone call is a welcome distraction to the daily barrage of electronic messages everyone gets everyday.

So pick up that phone. Smile when you dial and have a great week!

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