New Year Resolutions

Well, mine lasted 10 days (No wine or chocolate during the week) then something happened, can’t remember what and before I knew it I had a glass of something nice in my hand.

This happens every year, with dreary predictability. So it was great interest that I read a very interesting article by Stanford University Psychologist, Lila MacLellan on behaviour change. In summary, it’s all about making lots of little changes, instead of big ones suddenly.

In it, she quotes easy-win behaviours—or “tiny habits”— like flossing one tooth every night (not all of them) or doing two push ups every time you get up out of your seat. The theory being that you can build on easily achievable goals.

And the truth is, it works. I’ve given myself the goal to properly code and update one candidate a day. I’m going to delete 5 useless emails a day (I have a TON of virtual landfill in my inbox) and I’ll make one extra call a day. All pretty achievable in my book.

The theory goes that if you stick to this, you will automatically build on what you have achieved. It seems much more palatable than setting targets I secretly knew I would not keep.

I’ll let you know how I go.

And as for the wine and chocolate during the week? Woah there, Rome wasn’t built in a day you know.

Alex Babic

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