Learn How to Get a Big Pay Raise in 2019

Learn How to Get a Big Pay Rise in 2019

There comes a stage in your career when you feel that you are not being paid enough for your efforts. Maybe your pay hike has been due for a while but you did not get an update about it from your employer. You might be hoping for a big pay hike but got a significantly less increment in pay than what you feel you deserve.

Sounds familiar? If you are encountering something similar, you might want to invest some time in learning how much others with the same skill set as yours getting paid in your company or elsewhere. This would allow you to know if you are being fairly paid. There is a good chance that you have not been able to get your accomplishments noticed by your employer. You might want to list your achievements and the impact that your contribution had to the success of the respective projects. With this information ready, all you need to do is wait for your next big achievement to discuss your raise. Also, do not go in without having clear goals and figures in your mind.

Good luck for having this discussing with your employer, and do not forget to check out this infographic from Armstrong Appointments to learn how to get a big pay raise in 2019 with the aforementioned method or opting for a change in position, location, or industry.

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