Investing In Your Employees: How Modern Companies Do It

Investing In Your Employees: How Modern Companies Do It

Investing in your employees is a well-known technique for business development and growth. It will take time for all companies to realise and implement this in their routine, but some of them already have and guess what- it’s working!

If you are being skeptical about investing in your companies’ employees, or simply don’t know how, here is some useful advice for you.

Boss vs leader

You have probably already heard the comparison between the boss and the leader, but let’s just go over this first. Every company has the boss, the founder, someone who oversees everything. How realistic is it that one person remains in charge of everything without losing their nerve every day? It is not. Telling and ordering your people what to do is one thing, inspiring and encouraging them to think on their own and make decisions is a whole different thing. There is also a difference between telling someone to be more confident when it comes to making decisions and actually making them feel like they are able to do it, even if they make a mistake. Do you see the difference?

For instance, if you are being a tough boss, often serious, sometimes angry, and you ask your employee to resolve an issue on their own, how do you think they are going to feel? Probably like they are under interrogation and under your watch for their every move.

Creating an atmosphere where you actually encourage your employees to act on their own takes time and also education of your team.

Creating the learning atmosphere

It is great when you join a company where everyone is productive, always ready to help, to teach, learn and improve themselves. This is a kind of atmosphere that needs to be nourished from the top to the bottom, which means starting with the boss. If you keep thinking that your way of doing things is the only valid way, you will not have a successful company.

However, it is not wise to let people just do whatever they think is right. This is why they need to be on a constant learning path.

Setting a yearly budget for your employee education and improvement should be seen as more of an investment than spending.  Ask your employees what is it that they would like to learn in order to improve their performance. According to their answers consider organising professional training, team building activities or, for the growing trend of hiring foreign workers, English language courses.

Encouraging them to learn and improve will benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, they will become more professional and educated. Your benefit is clear. Second, they will feel valued and cherished, which is the feeling that drives us to be more productive and successful. And third, they will feel involved. The feeling of involvement in a job has a lot to do with our productivity as well, and it reflects in our working and the business as a whole.

Think twice about the experience

It is hard to get a job without having the relevant experience these days. And it is hard to gain the experience if no one will hire you. It’s a vicious circle that seems inescapable. But have you ever consider hiring someone with good qualifications and no experience exactly for that reason? When someone has no previous working knowledge, it means he also doesn’t have bad habits that need to be unlearned. Also, people with no experience who are looking for a job are full of enthusiasm and ambition to prove themselves worthy. These are all the reasons why you should sometimes totally ignore the experience section in their CV and try to estimate their actual worth and potential.

Create an image of success

When you hire new people, whichever position they are applying for, make sure that they feel like have potential to work their way up in the business.

It is important to stress the possibility of advancement and promotion as nobody likes to remain at the same level for too long. After 3 to 5 years, people start feeling detached from their jobs and they need a change. Let them know that change is possible inside the company. That way they will look for a way to improve their position in your company rather than leaving you for competitors.

After all, a machine is only as good as its parts. If your workers are happy in the first place, they will be more productive, more professional and ambitious. If you nourish their ambition to learn and grow, they will develop the feeling of gratitude towards you and the company, and they will repay you with their hard work.

Remember that all good things take time, so it is not easy to establish these kinds of things overnight, so it is a good idea to start trying today!

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She is passionate about small business improvements and sharing the HR insights to get the most out of the recruitment process. In her free time you can usually find her hiking with her furry four-legged friend.

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