How to make your job adverts stand out

How to make job adverts stand out from the crowd

The first piece of literature a candidate reads when searching for a new position is a job advert. Whether it’s a candidate actively seeking a new role, or a passive candidate who’s been sent the description by a consultant, an advert will only have 49-seconds to make an impact on a job seeker.  So how do you make your advert stand out from the crowd?

Speak directly to your applicants

Recruitment consultants do this on a daily basis when speaking to candidates on the phone, so the advice here is to transfer that skill across to your job adverts.  Addressing a job seeker directly in an advert is a simple as removing words such as ‘candidate’ and replacing it with the word ‘you’. This one word will completely change the tone of your adverts, enabling a candidate to connect with them on a personal level.

Don’t just sell the job, sell the company

A job advert is your chance as a recruiter to showcase the role you have on offer. But, research from Glassdoor’s Top HR statistics shows candidates now want to know more about the company they will be working for.  Most job seekers may not have heard of the business they are being interviewed for, so take the time in your advert to inform them –  what the office looks like, what perks the company has on offer, and even if the company socialise outside of office hours.

Aim your advert at the right generation

Aiming a job advert at the correct employment generation is the newest dilemma recruiters have to solve, with the ever changing ideologies surrounding employment that now crop up.  Financial security was previously the primary influence on whether a position would be accepted by Generation X, but now with the current millennial generation, there has been a shift towards what more can a company offer.

Tailor your title

Optimising your job title using keywords is a great way to ensure your job will be at the top of search results for your target audience.

 “Using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can help gauge what keywords your candidates are looking for in search engines, allowing you to tailor the job advert to searcher intent,” says Kashif Naqshbandi, Chief Marketing Officer at Churchill Frank. “It’s a tactic commonly employed by most businesses with a clear online strategy and can be beneficial to all recruitment agencies as positioning on search engines is generally key to whether your advert will be clicked or ignored.”

Be descriptive

Remember that as a recruiter you only have 49-seconds to make an impact, so an optimised title followed by a descriptive opening paragraph is ideally where a candidate’s interest in the role should be piqued – if it isn’t they’ll simply move on to the next role. The use of compelling language, in short, punchy sentences will allow your ad to be differentiated from those using generic terms and ultimately make them more appealing to candidates.

But avoid buzzwords

Are you looking for a “passionate” “motivated”, “self-starter” to work in a “fast-paced” environment? These buzzwords are some of the most commonly used in job adverts, and words that will ultimately see your advert ignored by the top candidates in your sector.

Statistics show that 57% of applicants are less likely to apply for a role if the advert includes traditional recruitment jargon.  So to make your advert stand out from the crowd use language that has a technical edge; compliments the role, and attracts the most suitable candidates.

Time to go mobile

The use of smartphone and smartwatches has increased in the last few years, and many job seekers now utilise this technology to search for their next role. Making your job posting mobile friendly will enable you to attract candidates on the go, so keeping your advert, short, simple, and to the point, particularly if your target audience will utilise this technology could pay dividends for job applications.

In an industry that’s driven by the successful placements of candidates, making your job adverts stand out from the crowd will enable you to have the pick of the top candidates in a current employment market where unemployment figures are at an all time low, ensuring you get a positive placement.

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