How To Get Your Message Across

How To Get Your Message Across

Today, we are going to be talking about how to make an extra special connection; how to communicate more effectively – that’s whether you’re selling, or leading, or presenting, or just in your life.

I was thinking about a conference that I was speaking at a couple of weeks ago and there were some pretty good speakers there so I decided that I would watch them deliver their keynotes. There was a marketing speaker on before me and I have read one of his books which I really enjoyed so I was looking forward to watching the speech and seeing what he talks about. Watching other speakers is great because you not only get tips and strategies for your life and your business that you can then apply but you also get to analyse their stage craft.

Anyway, it was a good talk. There were plenty of bells and whistles and I certainly made some good notes. There were many tips and techniques that I can apply to my business and I am confident that they will make a difference. He was clearly an expert at what he did and his advice would be invaluable… But, as I looked around the audience, I realised that there was something missing. It was a good talk but it had not lit the room up. People were engaged but not leaping out of their chairs. People had taken notes but they would not be talking about it in the coffee break.

Initially, I could not work out what was wrong and why the talk was missing the mark and then, it hit me; there was no real connection. There was some great material and some great lessons, but no real connection. The speaker needed to learn how to communicate more effectively for today’s audiences. He needed to learn how to connect. He need to learn how to really reach his audience.

In these days of Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, people have access to the inner lives of people. These people share and bare their souls. You might or might not think this is a good thing but the result is the same; people want connection. They want it more than ever. They want to connect with the real you. They want to hear your real story. They want to feel something emotionally. They do not want talks where people put on their “presentation face” and behave how they think a presenter should behave. They do not want leaders who lead from some management handbook somewhere.

Bottom line, I realised that there was no soul in this talk. There was nothing in there about him. There was nothing individual, nothing deeper than the surface. He did not let us in. It was all fantastic tales of success but nothing real, nothing personal; nothing that I (or anyone else) really cared about.

I constantly strive to share with people something about me. I constantly strive to give them the imperfections as well as the good bits. I constantly strive to share with them things that really mean something, things that allow them to really know me, things that allow us to really connect. And that is what people want and appreciate.

People want to know who the real you is. They want to know what you are like when the cameras go off. They want to know what you are like when you are not at work. They want to know what you are really like and who you really are. Because that is the person that people do business with. That is the person that people follow into battle. That is the person that people want a relationship with.

Whatever your field, you have to communicate with others. The better you are at it, the more successful you will be. Salespeople have to sell, leaders have to lead, speakers have to speak, parents have to parent. And the more of a personal connection you have with your audience, the better you will be at all of those things.

So, if you want to apply strategies for how to communicate more effectively, in any arena of life, you need to be real, you need to be genuine, your need to be authentic. Be as real as you can be.

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