How to Conquer Recruitment Marketing With Great Content

How to Conquer Recruitment Marketing With Great Content

Several researchers have concluded that more than 60% of candidates would not apply for a job in a company that has a bad reputation. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the talent pool has been constantly shrinking. Companies often need to go outside the regular recruitment process in order to attract the best candidates. Recruiters are taking the proven marketing approach when trying to attract top talents. This new trend is also called recruitment marketing.

Recruitment marketing should go far beyond the job ad creation. A thorough marketing strategy needs to encompass useful content that will target the right industry professionals.

The process of content creation is a very important part of the recruitment marketing mix. Other than attracting talent, it is also improving a company’s brand awareness and reputation.

In this article, we will explain how companies can improve their recruitment marketing content strategy and produce content pieces that will engage the top professionals in their industry.

The Importance of Content Strategy

Content strategy is important for attracting both consumers and talent. It makes content more organised and helps marketers and recruiters to target a narrow group of industry professionals. Before creating a content strategy, a company needs to define its mission and set up a list of short and long-term recruitment goals.

A company’s culture plays a very important role in content strategy creation. In order to attract the talent that will easily adapt to the company’s culture and work processes, recruiters need to set a special content tone that will target only the defined candidate personas.


Content marketing is all about storytelling. Recruitment marketing content needs to be interesting and engaging. It should also align with its audience’s goals and aspirations. Top talent want to get the insights about the atmosphere and the work process in a company before applying for a job. That is why recruitment content should offer an inside look into a company’s office. For example, it should describe the regular workday and highlight the benefits the company offers to its employees.

Recruitment content should also consider focusing on topics that are important to young and ambitious talent. These topics usually include community work, career development, and a flexible workplace.

Different Content Forms

Both content and recruitment marketing experts often solely focus on articles and short text updates. Content diversity is one of the most important characteristics of a successful content strategy. Photos, podcasts, videos, and infographics can be very effective for improving a company’s reputation and attracting the right talent.

For example, big tech companies often post photos of their branded offices with various unusual and fun amenities. Everybody knows that Google has a big slide in their headquarters and that Facebook offices in Ireland have huge windows and comfortable chairs.

Videos can also be very useful for promoting the fact that a company cares for its employees’ well-being. Marketers can post videos from team-building events or the ones that feature the fun and comfortable chill-out zones. When it comes to content creation, recruiters can check out the latest trends by following what the top content marketing agencies are doing. For example, this SEO company from New York has magnificent examples for various types of content on their blog. Many content forms they use can be easily adapted for recruitment marketing. You should always try to keep up with the latest trends in design and content marketing and keep an eye open for similar awesome blogs and publications for providing inspiration.

Employees Should Also Create Content

Your employees are the best brand advocates for targeting and attracting talented prospects. Companies should motivate the employees to share work-related content on social media.

An Instagram post that shows off your office atmosphere is a much more powerful marketing tool than an attractive job ad or a PR statement. Employee content will provide the much needed inside look into the workings of your company from a perspective that is relevant to job searchers.

Employees can create different types of content, from the workplace Instagram snaps and short videos to blog posts and ‘How to’ guides that explain the recruitment, work, and career advance processes within the company. Content created on team building excursions is also a very important part of every successful content marketing strategy. That is why employees should be motivated to post photos and videos and talk about their experiences from team building events.

The Power of Your Workforce

Do not forget about your employees. They are a company’s most valuable asset. That is why attracting talented candidates should be one of the most important tasks for every recruiter.

Integrating content marketing into the recruitment process is a very effective way to attract top prospects, make the selection process easier, and save a company’s funds. Recruitment marketing content is usually the product of cooperation between HR and marketing departments. Smaller businesses can also easily outsource this type of work and hire specialised agencies or freelancers.


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