Four Lead Generation Tips for Recruiters

Four Lead Generation Tips for Recruiters

With so much competition across the board, recruiters need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and gain the upper hand and the confidence of possible clients.

While there are no set rules for success, here are some tips on how you can enhance your chances of becoming a major leader in your field.

1. Social Media

Social media is fast becoming one of the most important tools to increase lead generation. It’s not a fad that is going to fade away into the darkness. Millennials currently occupy more than one-in-three roles in the workplace and with the majority being social media savvy, utilising this area correctly can really enhance your reputation and help you become a trusted recruiter.

With it being a largely free resource, this outlet can be crucial if you continue to share insightful and quality information. However, there is also the opportunity to create paid social ads. With the updates to many social networks’ algorithms, advertising on these platforms is starting to become more important than ever.

According to a report by the Software and Information Industry Association, 96% of marketers use social media to gain traction, but many struggle to get the desired results. It’s important to remember that social media isn’t a hard-selling platform, but can be a vital cog in setting the wheels in motion.

With the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all providing an excellent opportunity to reach out to people within your extended networks, it’s a great way to gain the attention of a wider audience with minimal effort.

2. Networking

If you’re a good networker, you’re halfway there. Being able to talk to people and engage them on a personal and work-related level will provide you with a great platform in which to build from. This ties in with using social media to its full potential as it doesn’t automatically have to be in person.

“Networking is marketing,” says thought leader Christine Comaford-Lynch. “Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.” If you can sell yourself with sincerity, you stand a much better chance of being successful in your quest to generate leads.

Recruitment specialist Tatiana Wicke agrees that being genuine endears you to potential clients. “People love it when others take a sincere interest in them,” she says. “Passive candidates want to feel validated as a unique individual and not feel as though they are in a cattle drive. They also appreciate it when recruiters care about them as a whole person and not just the skills they bring to the table.”

Word of mouth can often make or break a reputation. 84% of consumers are said to completely or somewhat trust recommendations by members of their family according to reports, while 88% said they trust online reviews just as much. Because of this, a good reputation is vital and, to achieve this, networking can play a huge role.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is important no matter what size your business is. There are many tools available that can help to create content that looks professional and will help you stand out from the crowd. With the list seemingly endless in the way to get your content seen, including infographics, videos and print advertising, it’s key to find what will work best for your target audience. With the correct form of content marketing, a business can create a high level of awareness.

Although it’s unlikely that advertising in print will be your sole method, you are able to include discount codes to gain movement towards your brand and track its conversions. In fact, Julie Towers, managing director for the recruitment arm of Penna, argues that print recruitment advertising has ‘reinvented itself as a key component’ in mixed recruitment campaigns after it was expected to die off.

4. Industry Reports

Industry reports are also a great way to get to know your target audience and attract leads along the way. They can help provide much-needed information in your niche and gather a list of possible candidates who could want a career move.

Tech recruiters Anderson Frank recently released their first ever salary survey. “These reports are a great way to leverage media coverage and reach new audiences,” says the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kashif Naqshbandi. We release a print edition of our report at high profile events as well as making it freely available to download on our website in a bid to capture a wide audience. It’s all about providing useful information and helping to build our reputation in the industry.”

Reports such as this help recruiters and job seekers to know where certain roles rank. With credible information you can refer to, recruiters are able to outreach with more authority and build up a solid rapport with candidates.

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