For Recruiting, Choose Text over Email

For Recruiting, Choose Text over Email

The older generation often complains that youth of today spend a lot of their time on their phones. That should be a clue to you. If younger generations are spending time on their phones, then your efforts should go towards getting yourself and your company onto that platform whenever possible. If your company is looking to hire fresh, young talent, then you need to start recruiting with text messages.

Things are Changing

Nearly every American adult now owns a smartphone and is able to send and receive text messages. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Younger generations don’t like to be interrupted with a phone call unless absolutely necessary and far prefer texting. Text messages are less in-depth and more to-the-point. Texts are also sent directly to the phone, making them nearly impossible to miss. Attract qualified applicants by keeping your methods in line with the up-and-coming trends of the industry.

Millennials are Already Using the Phones to Find Jobs

Most within the younger generations are going to be searching for jobs and even applying online via their smartphone. You may be missing out on the younger talent if you are not prepared to handle mobile devices. Not only should your website be optimized for mobile, you need to be able to communicate effectively over mobile phones as well.

Playing phone tag is a thing of the past. Your talent is going to have their phone on them all day and will be able to respond to your texts within minutes in most cases. Even talent that is currently working while looking for a new job will be able to answer questions and get information about the hiring process from you without hassle.

Texting is Far More Efficient

While 98% of text messages have been estimated to be opened within the first 3 minutes, emails are only opened 20% of the time.

Texts, by nature, are shorter and clearer as well. Avoid poor communication skills by sending only the pertinent information your lead needs. Texts can only be so long, so if you aren’t being obnoxious in your approach, you will have to figure out how to say things concisely. Plus, with automated text messaging, you can set up a lot of the standard messages and information to be sent automatically. When a talent applies for a job, you can send a follow-up text that assures him or her you have received the application and will be looking it over. If a meeting is coming up, directions can be scheduled to go out the day before the date as a reminder.

A Text is Hassle-Free

You want to stay persistent when recruiting to make sure your competition isn’t getting the talent you need for your own team. Texting can offer a form of communication that allows you to be persistent without being obnoxious. If you sent three or four emails in a row, the recipient may feel irritated, but if you sent a few texts in a row, many people wouldn’t even notice (unless the message was obnoxious or desperate).

Not only is texting automation good for you, it is easy for your talent. Your potential hire is very likely to miss an email, but not a text. New talent is likely to be caught in a game of telephone tag, when a text would be read within minutes. Texting is preferable to many because it does not take a lot of effort and keeps a simple record of what has been said in case one party needs to double-check a fact or answer.

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