Do recruiters have time to train?

Short answer: no. During a business development phase, important resources are devoted to procuring clients. When business is good, we are far too busy delivering on our clients’ demands.

While it can be difficult to allocate time for the training and development of your team, we all know that everything would be going better if we did.

So why don’t we do it? Because it is never a priority. There is always something else more important — or so it seems.

Why is it not a priority?

Take a look at the highest performing and fastest growing recruitment businesses. The one thing they all have in common is understanding the importance of continually and consistently developing their staff.

Academic research has demonstrated that there is a clear and direct link between employee training and development, and productivityfinancial performanceemployee motivationloyalty and retention. Studies have even revealed that development has a greater influence on performance than salary.

Why should it be a priority?

A recruitment business is MORE dependent on staff and performance than the majority of other industries. The recruitment industry is a mature and saturated market: that means there is plenty of competition for clients, candidates and staff.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? How do you get a competitive advantage? How do you squeeze the Juice out of your existing team? How do you make your company more desirable to work for than others? Develop, train and motivate your team.

Six… is the average number of training days that an employee receives per year. That’s the equivalent of every staff member having ONE HALF a day of training PER MONTH. I would be surprised if the average recruiter gets a fraction of that.

Yet I bet the majority of recruitment business owners would be more than aware of the benefits of training:

  1. Attract and retain the best talent
  2. Increased revenues
  3. Improved quality of service
  4. Increased efficiency
  5. Improved motivation

How do we become a training focussed company?

So how do we move towards a more training — and development — oriented company?

Here are 5 easy ways to integrate training into your recruitment business:

  1. Facilitate regular group training
  2. Enable & encourage individual learning (including online)
  3. Integrate training reviews into the monthly/quarterly review process
  4. Create a learning culture
  5. Empower & develop managers to conduct regular on the job training

Providing training shows that you are willing to invest in your employees, which makes them feel valued and boosts morale, similarly not investing in training can be a sign that you are not committed to your workers.

In the wise words of Richard Branson… ‘train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to’.

Matt Trott

Matt Trott is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder / Managing Director of Juice Talent Development Ltd. He has over 20 years experience in the Recruitment industry, after growing and selling his Recruitment company 8 years ago he saw a gap in the market for recruitment training films that were not boring and dull, Recruitment Juice was born with a vision to produce training films that revolved around a comedy drama series, making them much more engaging and entertaining. In 2010 investment was secured (from Dan McGuire and Alex Raubitschek) to develop the Juice Talent Development Platform, a digital video learning platform for recruiters. Today Juice has offices in the UK and Australia and is the global leader in innovative and engaging online learning solutions, video content and learning technology.

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