Customer service in recruitment

So it’s that time of year when everything is kicking off. Too many emails, too many calls and not enough time. A familiar sounding story I’m sure.

I’ve promised myself to not get stressed about all this. One thing that’s easy to do when you are trying to clear out your inbox/field calls is to forget you are dealing with other humans. I’m much more conscious about how people feel about their experience with me. I want folks to go away thinking I was worth speaking/dealing with, even if I couldn’t help them.

I’ve had crappy customer service, and it winds me up because it’s (usually) down to laziness. People who just don’t care because they don’t like what they do/are too busy/generally can’t stand other people.

As the owner of a business I’m horrified at how some employees operate, but in the same breath, I’m also amazed at how others operate. I want to be consistently in the latter camp.

It’s not easy in recruitment, I’m connected to literally thousands of people. I speak to new people every week. Sometimes I don’t necessarily feel like it (there, I said it….) but regardless, I want everyone I deal with to feel like I have at least treated them seriously.

Have a great week!

Alex Babic

Been recruiting for nearly 20 years covering international and domestic markets. Outside of work I enjoy (trying to) keep fit, cooking for the Family and taking our ebullient black Labrador for long walks. Also got a side interest in motorcycling.

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