Considering Hiring Work At Home Employees: What are The Benefits

Considering Hiring Work At Home Employees: What are The Benefits

Today’s employee seeks diversity. No longer are they the Nine to Fivers of yesterday. Life is fast-paced. There’s the get things done now, get it done quickly and move on to the next problem mentality. Job seekers today are more educated, sophisticated, and demanding. Employers must move forward with new means and methods. Benefits must be attractive to the new cafe society employee. When drawing millenials and generation Z workers, one benefit sought is the ability to work from home. For example, Amazon uses Work at Home employees in many positions. Some may even assist Amazon Prime members.

Why Hire Work At Home? The list ranges from decreasing overhead to benefits which increase employee morale. Both employer and employee can find advantages to working from home. Today, however, we spotlight benefits advantageous to the employer.

A Decrease in Employer Overhead

Employees working from home are responsible for most if not all overhead cost such as energy cost, office equipment, communication supplies, computers, office supplies, maintenance, along with safety. Laws governing labor in the US must still be considered. Some laws regarding safety in the work at home environment implemented by OSHA are decreased if not eliminated. Each employer must adhere to guidelines from the United States Department of Labor.

Turnover Concerns

Hiring employees is a win-lose situation. Employers may hire an employee today to later discover that same employee has decided the job is not for them or you determine from performance or attitude, the hired is not qualified to perform the job. When this occurs, the employee must be terminated and the hiring process starts over. The recruiting process takes time. That time can result in cost and productivity issues in addition to a decrease in morale. Hiring work from home employees may prevent some if not all the inconvenience and cost to recruit and hire a new employee.

Scheduling Issues

Work from home employees organize their time based on availability and need. The employer must assure enough employees are scheduled to complete job requirements in the time allotted. The benefit to the employee is the ability to schedule their time without worry of denial when requesting leave. Fathers needing time to assist at home can do so without traditional concerns. New mothers have time with newborns without a need to find and hire a competent babysitter when returning to work. The benefits are numerous for both parties involved.

Positive Effect Towards Earths’ Environment

Global Warming is ‘Real.’ The threat to our planet is slowly becoming more obvious. Each time we start the engine, gaseous fumes are released into the atmosphere destroying the world we live in. The number of motor vehicles manufactured multiplies daily thereby increasing the number of vehicles emitting dangerous, harmful, and deadly fumes into the atmosphere. Employers and employees can help in this fight to restore the atmosphere so future generations will have a home. In 2014, according to The Los Angeles Times statistics, there were well over 253,000,000 vehicles on US highways. Can you imagine the total today! The substantial decrease in climate problems with less traffic on the highways would be impressive.

Employee Satisfaction

Employers have discovered employees working from home demonstrate increased loyalty and satisfaction. The benefits of being able to provide your family with the security of a parent at home throughout the day help ease the concern of latch key kids and competent childcare. The cost of appropriate work attire, long commutes, fuel cost, lunch cost and other cost associated with working outside the home are almost eliminated.

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