Building a candidate acquisition strategy through social media

We all know the recruitment market is changing and we are now in a candidate driven market, but what have we really changed about our business and processes to adapt to this changing landscape?

Experienced recruiters who have had success in the past are having to change the way they work to ensure they achieve the same results as before. Mining the databases and job advertising is not enough – recruiters need to be talent managers, have a high quality of service, have an individual brand clients/candidates can trust, and above all have unique talent.

Clients have access to the same technologies as recruiters, so searching on LinkedIn and advertising on job boards are going to yield the same results as our clients. We need to develop a social media strategy to build a community of high calibre candidates that our clients will engage with us for.

You aren’t going to be able to build this community overnight and it will take time fully see the benefits of this.

This is something Greg Savage talked through in his recent masterclasses with us. Here are some of his top tips when using social media to build a candidate base:

  • We need to think like the candidate, what are they interested in, what times are they searching for content – not just shout about jobs and how great we are.
  • Don’t mix business and personal; you can inject personality into your content – but it is content that is relevant to the audience.
  • Find your voice – similar to the point above you need to find a style and tone of content that works for you and your brand.
  • Tweet often; 5 -8 times a day, if you can’t make this commitment don’t bother – consistency is important.
  • Schedule content to free up your time in the day. Tools like Hootsuite are a good way to do this.
  • Engage with your timeline, retweet, and @mention influencers and good content, comment and add your opinion on content.
  • Follow people to build up your audience – you can use tools such as ManageFlitter to see who is following you back and use this to unfollow people.
  • Completely fill your LinkedIn profile in – LinkedIn use an algorithm that when a search is made it will put those with a 100% filled in profile above those who don’t.
  • Grow your LinkedIn connections to increase your audience.
  • Join relevant groups on LinkedIn, use these to network, learn, listen and make further connections.

Above all social media is about tuning into your audience, finding your voice, sharing relevant content, and being consistent.

Recruiters are turning to social media to find new talent – but talent are not an online commodity, you can’t recruit digitally but you won’t get a chance to without it. Alongside this social media candidate acquisition strategy we need to bring the human element back to the recruitment process to attract clients.


James Osborne

James has worked with over 400 recruitment businesses and is in demand in the UK and Internationally as a dynamic and motivational speaker. As Chief Executive Officer of Elite Recruitment Network James works with recruitment business leaders, helping them to achieve significant growth, performance improvement and competitive advantage. James acts as a Non-Executive Director, consultant, trainer and sales strategist for numerous fast growth recruitment businesses.

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