Billing Managers: Coaching on the job

Your success as a billing manager is defined more by the success of those around you, than by your own billing success, which is hard for many managers to fully understand.

That means growing the skills and competencies of the members of your team.

To do that you need to build coaching into your daily activities. Not ‘training’. Coaching.

Watch the video for key tips on:

  • Coaching on the run
  • “Live” feedback
  • Reinforcing the behaviours you want to see more often.
  • Correcting the behaviours you wish to eliminate.
  • Catch your consultants in the act of doing the right thing!
  • Listen for opportunities to coach.
  • Create an environment where people do not feel threatened to learn.
  • Coaching in real time on real life situations.

A healthy, mature business, is a result of a strong leader, who is always an excellent coach

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Greg Savage

Greg is the founder of leading recruitment companies Firebrand Talent Search, People2People and Recruitment Solutions. He is an established global leader of the recruitment industry and a regular keynote speaker worldwide. Greg provides specialised advice for Recruitment, Professional Services & Social Media companies.

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