Bailing on that interview

Bailing on that interview

So it’s Friday, the Sun’s out, it’s warm (for a change) and in thirty minutes I’ve got a great candidate going in to see a brand new client of mine. These are the things that make recruitment an exciting job.

Then ping, I get an email on my phone from the candidate saying that they have received another offer and won’t now be attending the interview.

It was disappointing, not just for me (obvs), but also the client who had specifically cleared their diary to meet this person. My client, a well-respected head of Analytics for a big retail organisation. In my book that would have been a great person to meet, even just to connect, shake hands, say hello and find out a bit about their firm.

I do feel the candidate lost a massive opportunity for some easy networking there. I do believe that if you have the opportunity to physically meet with a senior figure (in whatever industry) you should take it. It’s doesn’t cost anything (hey, you might even get a nice coffee out of it) and the potential connectivity for the future just can’t be measured. Even more so if you’re new to a market. In my experience meeting with someone face to face makes you altogether more memorable. It’s your chance to impress, and ask questions. And if you’ve already got an offer, there’s no pressure.

In this day and age of email, SMS and all the associated forms of social media it’s important not to forget the power of the ‘FTF’ (Face-To-Face, see what I did there?)

Yeah, OK, I’m smarting a bit because I was a bit disappointed and of course an individual can withdraw from the interview process anytime they like. But if you’re going to do it (via email) thirty minutes before the interview starts, then you’re likely to be remembered for a very different reason.

Have a great week!

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