Automating Recruitment

I had an interesting conversation with a client the other day who told me they were automating their recruitment system. They wanted to cut down costs and reduce the in-house recruitment overhead. I think they felt that they would be able to effectively recruit by filtering CV’s based on relevant word searches.

Now I’m a big fan of simplifying things. Why make anything more complicated for the sake of it?

However, recruitment will always be an intensely personal thing.

Candidates are consumers now. They rate things on social media and word travels fast. Relationships are built on mutual trust and recognition over many years. And each case will be different. So getting automated email responses, for me anyway, means about as much as the recoded announcement on the train platform when your train home has just been cancelled. Like it or not, a good recruiter will keep on top of a constantly fluid market where the pieces are always moving.

Automate that!


Have a great week!

Alex Babic

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