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What’s so great about microlearning?

Microlearning is on everyone’s radar as the latest training and development craze. But is it just a load of hype that’s become temporarily embedded into the corporate psyche? Or is it a genuine ‘here to stay’ phenomenon that you need to get up to speed with, and fast?

How to Improve the Sale Value of Your Recruitment Business by Retaining Your Best Recruiters

No matter the size or stage your recruitment business is currently at, having recruiters, especially your top performers leave you, is just bad for business. If you want to improve the sale value of your recruitment business, retaining your top performing staff is essential.  Research shows that a high staff turnover rate can cost you […]

Do recruiters have time to train?

Short answer: no. During a business development phase, important resources are devoted to procuring clients. When business is good, we are far too busy delivering on our clients’ demands. While it can be difficult to allocate time for the training and development of your team, we all know that everything would be going better if […]